A heartening video has appeared on the social media of an Asha worker being beaten up brutally in public in Anantnag district of Kashmir. She had reportedly gone to tell a person to stay in quarantine.

According to a report filed by CNS Kashmir, an Asha worker, in Brad village of Anantnag district was allegedly thrashed by a cop on Monday, inflicting serious injury onto her for reporting his travel history.



no, Asha worker was not beaten up in Kashmir's Anantnag

The Asha worker namely Parveen Akhtar, officially assigned to keep a track of people coming from outside the valley, in view of coronavirus pandemic, reported travel history of her neighbour, who is a cop working with J&K Police, to the authorities. The cop had recently returned from outside the Valley.

This irked the cop, who has been identified as Constable Mohammad Yasin Shah, working with the J&K Armed Police. And he allegedly attacked the lady with an ax, injuring her seriously. The lady was shifted to a nearby hospital for treatment.

While narrating her ordeal to CNS on the phone, Parveen said, "She as an Asha worker was simply doing her duty, while reporting the travel history of the cop, for which he attacked me and attempted to kill me. Not only me, he attacked my family and registered an FIR against me, my husband and my son."

She added that the authorities instead of booking the culprit were harassing her and her family.

What the video shows:

The video clearly shows some locals from Kashmir brutally attacking and beating a woman, who is later seen lying down on the ground and a boy seems to be trying to help her. The video has sounds of 'bachao', which probably is of the woman's relative, who is filming the video from a distance.

The Twitter post, which reported the matter, has been deleted.

Another tweet further stated, "I am in a state of shock. This is an Asha worker who had gone to advise a person to stay in quarantine, they have beaten her in front of her kids. What have we become? It has happened in broad daylight in Brad area of Anantnag."


Police refute claims, say 'brawl over property matters' 

According to the press release sent by the police, the matter isn't regarding an Asha worker. Rather, it is a brawl over some property matter between real brothers and their spouses. The family had an ongoing property issue and the families involved already have four FIRs against them.

j&k police verification

"The incident has nothing to do with health worker's profession, who is one among the people involved. These are critical times. The concerned news agency is requested to take official version before giving a sensational twist to such stories. Legal action will be initiated against unverified reporting of COVID-19 related stories," said the release.