Cookie and Lucious might get back together in episode 10 of Empire season 4.Facebook/Empire

Empire season 4 plot rumors and fan speculations for episode 10 suggest a reunion between Lucious Lyon and his baby mother Cookie. If those speculations are to be believed, the viewers will get some major Cookie and Lucious moments.

As many of the followers of Fox musical drama know, the hip-hop mogul and his former lover are going through some unexpected challenges because of Nurse Claudia. They are likely to spend a lot of together while trying to save each other.

Through the promos for the mid-season premiere episode, it has already been revealed that both the characters will be in jeopardy in the upcoming days. Fans are aware that the trouble is caused by Claudia because of her obsession with Lucious.

Empire season 4 episode 10 spoilers: Demi Moore teases thriller moment between Claudia, Cookie

Since Cookie has decided to do anything to help Lucious, Claudia will be forced to come up with new plan to deal with her so that she can carry out her secret mission. 

In the promo, the nurse succeeds in locking them and keeping them in captivity. The video also shows Claudia trying to kill Cookie. If no one reaches out to rescue them, things may turn from bad to worse in episode 10. Will Cookie meet her demise?

Cast member Taraji P Henson, who portrays the role of Cookie, has already assured all her fans that her character will be part of the show till its end. 

So, what lies ahead for the Lyons in the second half of Empire season 4? Fans have come up with their speculations regarding the plot. "Cookie coming for her man she about to kill for her man," wrote a follower of the show on Twitter.

"Don't cross Lucious Lyon. He will take back his queen. Go king Lucious, it's your time," stated another fan of the Fox musical drama.

Although it is not clear if Claudia will meet her demise in the hands of Cookie, the creators may not focus on this plot for long as many of the viewers have expressed their disappointments in the new storyline.

"Not watching anymore. I really don't like where the new season is heading... you lost a long time fan," wrote a follower of the show.

"I love the Cookie and Lucious getting back together storyline.i just don't like the kidnap storyline.lucious had just got his memory back," stated another follower.

Empire will back with a new episode of season 4 on March 28. Episode 10 is titled Take Back What's Yours.