Empire season 4 will return with a new episode on March 28.Facebook/Empire

Empire fans will have to wait for two months to know the fate of Lucious Lyon and his baby mother Cookie. The show will be back with a new episode of season 4 on March 28.

Although Fox is yet to reveal the title for episode 10 and release the official synopsis for the mid-season premiere, the new trailer hints at the demise of a character. Will it be Nurse Claudia.

The entire footage focuses on the rivalry between Cookie and Claudia. Both of them fight for Lucious and the hip-hop mogul tries to help his baby mother.

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The 45-minute-long clip begins with a shot of Claudia and Lucious. In the video, Lucious is lying unconscious on the bed and his nurse is sitting near him.

"Hello, can you hear me?" Claudia asks Lucious.

The promo then shows Cookie telling someone that she can't find Lucious.

In the next shot, Lucious tries to run away and finds out that he is being tied up by the nurse.

"My name is Lucious Lyon," he screams.

"I will slit her (Cookie) throat," Claudia tells Lucious in the next shot.

The trailer then shows a shot of Cookie, who tells Claudia and Lucious belongs to her. The clip ends by teasing the demise of someone in Lucious' hands.

Watch the promo for Empire season 4 episode 10 below: