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View of the alleged UFO at NASA's JPL, California seen by Google Earth.YouTube screenshot/ UFOmania - The truth is out there

After being accused of covering up UFO sightings by alien hunters and conspiracy theorists, another news that's going viral about NASA is that the US space agency has been lately blamed to hide a UFO in one of its labs.

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These assumptions were made after UFO and alien hunters discovered a silver coloured giant disc which was kept in NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. This finding was made with the help of Google Earth's photos.

According to conspiracy theorists, NASA got hold of a crashed UFO, which it was secretly analysing in its laboratory.

The alien hunter, who first saw the silver disc, observed that its position was changing from time to time. This turned their assumptions about NASA investigating a UFO into confirmed information. Soon this news started spreading like fire after a YouTube channel became the first one to upload a video regarding the same.

Various other YouTube channels and websites catering to alien and UFO-oriented news shared the video, creating more hype, Express reported.

Soon all these claims were rubbished by some NASA engineers after they uploaded a selfie with the silver disc and also provided in-depth data about it.

"Here is what you think is a UFO. The only alien is me," Nacer Chahat, a NASA engineer wrote in the description of the selfie.

Finally, the mystery was cleared and the so-called UFO turned out to be an antenna reflector. This antenna reflector was placed upside down on the floor, a report by The Sun revealed.

Before the selfie cleared the rumour, various UFO-hoax busting sites clarified that the silver disc wasn't a UFO, but it was the NASA facility's 3,000-foot range antenna.

Twitter/Nacer Chahat

This hilarious instance finally came to an end, thanks to the selfie uploaded by Chahat on his Twitter account.