Staying hydrated is extremely crucial for us; it helps in flushing the toxins out of our body, helps digestion and enhances the bowel movement. People often get confused regarding when to drink hot water and when to have cold water.

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Here's when you should drink cold water:

When you are trying to lose weight

You should consume cold water when you are trying to lose weight, doing so helps burn extra calories. Cold water improves your body's mechanism and results in consumption of extra calories. Drinking cold water everyday can help you shed up to 70 calories per day.

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While working out

The body warms up when you exercise and you start sweating after that, which is a natural mechanism to cool down the body. Drinking cold water while working out helps in replenishing the water lost from the body by sweating and it also helps in moderating the temperature of the body.

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When you are sick

You should drink cold or normal water when you're down with fever. Your body is already very hot when you got fever and drinking cold water makes you feel relieved.

When to consume warm water:

When you suffer from indigestion

Warm water helps you get rid of ingestion. It improves bowel movement and even make digestion easier. Hence, drinking warm water after eating is better than drinking cold water.

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For relieving pain

Warm water does wonders when you drink it while suffering from stomach cramps. It enhances the blood flow and makes you feel better by relaxing the cramped tissues in the body.

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When detoxing

Warm water can help you make better detox solutions for flushing out the toxins from your body. It will help extract the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables you use in detox solution and makes the digestion easier.