Mahindra world city

An employee of a private company at Mahindra Tech City in Chennai set off a bomb in order to extort money from his employers on June 7 at the IT Park situated on the outskirts of the city. However, he failed with his plan and was arrested soon after the incident took place.

Karthikeyan, the accused, had asked for Rs 50 lakh from his employers for personal reasons but they did not respond to his email. Angered, he put his engineering degree to use and assembled a small bomb, with the intention of scaring and blackmailing his employers.

Times of India reported that Karthikeyan made the bomb which was set to go off with the help of a mobile app that he downloaded from the internet. However, things did not go according to plan when the bomb didn't explode but emitted a lot of smoke.

As the bomb went off, the security guards at the gates alerted the Chengalpet police who came to investigate the matter. They narrowed down to the culprit by analyzing the CCTV footage and subsequently arrested Karthikeyan from his apartment in Maramalai Nagar in Chennai on Sunday.