New Delhi was the third highest consumer of cannabis in the world in 2018 trailing behind Karachi, which is in the second place, and New York, which occupies the first position.

The data was revealed by a study, '2018 Cannabis Price Index', which was conducted by ABCD, a media campaign, News18 reports

Along with Delhi, Mumbai is another Indian city, which has made it to the top ten cities globally, with the highest consumption rate of cannabis. It was in the sixth position.

In addition to this, Delhi has also come in the top 10 list of cities of selling the least expensive cannabis in the world with Rs 315 or $4.38 per gram.

According to reports, Delhi is said to have consumed 38.26 metric tonnes or 38,260 kgs of cannabis while Mumbai consumed 32.38 tonnes or 32,380 kgs in 2018.

However, there is a confusion in defining it since, in India, there are two types of cannabis – hemp and cannabis plant.

While the cannabis plant can be any plant under the genus cannabis, hemp is defined as "the separated resin, in whatever form, crude or purified, obtained from the cannabis plant and also includes concentrated preparation and resin known as hashish oil or liquid hashish, ganja, or the flowering fruit tops, and any mixture, with or without any neutral material, of any of the above forms of cannabis or any drink prepared therefrom." In India, hemp is regulated under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985.

The NDPS Act has banned the production and sale of cannabis flowers and resin but has legalised a regulated use of the leaves and seeds.

Bhaang, a popular drink made during Holi, has been left out of the act since it has religious and cultural connotations attached to it. Since Bhaang predominantly contains leaves and seeds, it is considered legal.

Delhi has managed to overtake even Amsterdam in the Netherlands where Cannabis has been legalised.