man dressed as 80 year old in Delhi airport

A 32-year-old man dressed up as an octogenarian was intercepted by the CISF personnel while trying to board a flight to the United States at the Delhi Airport. However, no one knows why he came to the airport in disguise and board an Air India  New York-bound flight.

32-year-old Jayesh Patel, from Ahmedabad, dyed his beard and moustache white, wore a white turban and transformed into 81-year-old Amrik Singh, complete with a pair of fake spectacles and fake passport. Patel was wheeled towards security check but couldn't get past CISF, Times of India reports.

The CISF personnel asked Patel to stand up but he refused to do so saying that he was too old to get up and stand. Sub-inspector Rajveer Singh's suspicions increased when the man refused to make eye contact while answering questions. Amrik Singh's passport also showed that he was born on 01/02/1938.

"On suspicion, Singh checked the passport once. It mentioned the passenger's age as 81 years but his appearance, skin texture and voice seemed to be of a much younger person," a senior official told TOI.

He added, "on close observation, we noticed that his hair and beard had been coloured and he was also wearing zero power glasses to conceal his age."

However, no one knows why he was in disguise. The CISF security personnel handed over the man to immigration officials under the charges of impersonation.