Anissia Batra
The Delhi police have now arrested Anissia's husband Mayank Singhvi and he will be produced in court on Tuesday, July 17.Facebook/AnissiaBatra

The alleged suicide of Delhi-based air hostess Anissia Batra is turning out to be quite confusing with the family alleging that she did not jump off the terrace of her Panchsheel Park residence, but was, in fact, murdered by her husband and in-laws. The Delhi police have now arrested Anissia's husband Mayank Singhvi and he will be produced in court on Tuesday, July 17.

After the death of the 39-year-old air hostess, employed with Lufthansa Airlines, the police interrogated Singhvi for about an hour. During the interrogation, he said that Anissia had sent him a text message from the terrace telling him that she was going to kill herself. He rushed to the terrace, but his wife had reportedly already jumped off the building. Singhvi then took Anissia to the hospital, but she was declared brought dead.

As part of the investigation, Singhvi's BMW, Anissia's diamond ring and the duo's mobile phones have been seized. A notice has also been issued asking Singhvi's parents and other witnesses to join the investigation, FirstPost reported. The Delhi police have also sought the bank details of the air hostess' husband and these are likely to be sealed.

A second autopsy will also be conducted on Tuesday and will be videographed at the request of the Batra family.

Meanwhile, Anissia's parents have said that she could not have killed herself and her husband and in-laws were behind her death. A few days ago, her father RS Batra, a retired major general, had filed a complaint against Anissia's husband and in-laws alleging that they were harassing her.

In the complaint, he had stated that Anissia was being tortured by her in-laws and if something happens to her, the husband and in-laws would be responsible for it.

Anissia's brother Karan Batra too believes that he lost his sister due to her in-laws. "My sister messaged us to call the police. She said Mayank had locked her in a room. '...because of him my life is going to go, please don't leave him,'" she wrote in the message, NDTV quoted Karan as saying.

The family has also said that the air hostess was often tortured by her in-laws. Anissia and Mayank had been married for two years, but he was an alcoholic and often beat her up and demanded money. "Last month, my parents had to come from Chandigarh. Mayank even hit my mother. My father, who served in the Army for over four decades, filed a complaint on June 27. They had to go back because of my mother's medical condition," Karan added.