From marking the first Covid-19 death in the nation, Karnataka has been looked as a hotspot of the pandemic although very soon the state was able to manage the loud rise in its positive coronavirus cases. Albeit its control measures, people succumbing to the viral infection has continued to rise in Karnataka.

Coronavirus in India
Coronavirus in IndiaIANS

3,108 active cases in Karnataka

As per the latest Covid bulletin released by the state health department on Wednesday, June 10 evening, Karnataka has a total of 3,108 active cases of which 120 were newly reported. 69 patients died to the pandemic while 257 patients were discharged from the hospitals after reporting negative to the Covid tests.

Most of the patients who succumbed to coronavirus infection were those delayed in reaching designated hospitals; particularly the elderly people with Severe Acute Respiratory Illness (SARI) or other such symptoms. 

According to Munish Moudgil, chief of Covid-19 War Room in the state and secretary in the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms, most of those infected with the virus is brought to Covid-19 designated hospitals at a very late stage. Recovery then becomes extremely tough.

He also added that 65 percent of these deceased patients are those aged above 60 and suffering from SARI.

Death rate high among 40-60 groups 

Releasing the data on coronavirus deaths, Moudgil told the media that the death rate due to SARI is 43 percent for those in the 40-60 age group.

Karnataka coronavirus updates
Karnataka coronavirus updatestwitter/Karnataka Health Dept

In the same age group, he mentioned, the mortality due to Influenza-Like Illness (ILI) was 17.4 percent, whereas it is 11.1 percent among people aged above 60.

While 25 percent of symptomatic patients aged above 60 succumb to the virus, it was only 10.7 percent in the 40-60 age group.

While this being the case for Covid symptomatic elderly patients, the same fate hovers over the asymptomatic senior citizens too. According to the reports, the same number of fatalities is registered among the asymptomatic patients aged above 60.

Moudgil further stated that the average number of days spent at hospitals by the recovered patients is about 15 days compared to 3.5 days for those who died of the virus.

"Hence persons who are elderly and who have comorbidities or who have SARI must reach designated Covid hospitals at the earliest," he said.