Ram Gopal Varma's latest movie Climax starring adult actress Mia Malkova has disappointed the audience big time as it has received negative reviews and rating most of the people, who watched it on its first day.

Climax story: The film is a romantic, action, and suspense thriller movie, written by RGV. It is about a couple, who sets out on a fun trip to a desert place. They enter a secluded place with a board, "Do not Enter", when they start facing crazy problems. Their problems become even bigger after they escape from the desert and try to file a complaint with a nearby police station. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Mia Malkova in Climax
Mia Malkova in ClimaxTwitter

Analysis: Climax is a horror-thriller narrated in a haphazard manner. The film is good and interesting in the beginning scenes. But after some time into the film things appears to be stretched with no reason, as the thrilling scenes lack twists. The climax of the movie is predictable. Ram Gopal Varma has spoiled its plot with lazy writing and bad execution, say the audiences.

Mia Malkova has tried her best to do justice to her role in Climax, but some of her scenes look overboard and cheap. The movie has decent production values and background score, cinematography and selection of locations are attractions on the technical front, add the viewers.

Mia Malkova in Climax
Mia Malkova in ClimaxScreenshot of YouTube video

The promos of Climax had created a lot of expectations and curiosity among two sets of audiences. One set of viewers hoped to get watch some steamy scenes of Mia Malkova, while another set was expecting to enjoy some action, suspense and thrilling scenes in the movie. But the film fails to cater to both of them and it is a waste of money, add the audience.

Climax movie review: We bring you some viewers' reviews and ratings for the movie shared on Twitter. Scroll down to see their audiences' response:

A still from RGV's Climax starring Mia Malkova
A still from RGV's Climax starring Mia MalkovaTwitter

Sunaina Iyer @SunainaScarlet

Watching #climax #RGV Movie with hubby together. Its not just anther adult movie! I would suggest everyone to watch it too #miamalkova #mia #ClimaxOnJune6 #sunainaiyer #exoticmistress

Jai Bharat Mata @SachinB58290576

#Climax Review: @RGVzoomin thought He will try to make Zombieland + Mad Max... But... He made Agyaat2 + Daud2... Pathetic.... Performance: Everyone is just running.... @MiaMalkova: Her most Celibate performance... You can only see her arse... That's it...Anyone expecting any Nudity or Sex scenes of @MiaMalkova .. You will be terribly disappointed.. Looks like @RGVzoomin had most of sex with her behind the scenes while shooting & gave audience nothing except @MiaMalkova arse shot... #Climax Review Believe Me... This Web Series called #Climax is so damn bad.. That instead of giving you a Boner... It will kill it... If you were expecting one.... Only Good thing about #Climax is Cinematography.... Mainly due to locations in Rajasthan....

#PetlaParaak @HarshaTweetz

#Climax:What hook me up was only the Top notch DOP Work n way 2 Spoiled with Lazy writing and Bad Execution The Climax of Climax is too Predictable & i felt @RGVzoomin Could've included it into the Ghost Stories Rather than creating Much hype with Less content 2/5 Disappointed!

Rohit Niranjan @RohitvNiranjan

#Climax def deserves a rating less than 1 and you can use the same 120 bucks on ZEE5 or Hotstar for some better content. #RGV should have smoked the weirdest stuff to come up with something like this & @shreyaset you guys please support filmmakers with quality content.

Praveen reddy buchi @praveenbuchi

Just now completed #Climax movie . @RGVzoomin as usual Movie taking and Music are top notch. As you said in many interviews, watching movie in home gave almost to extent even better experience than the theatre. #Climax #ClimaxbyET

Hemanth Kumar C R @crhemanth

I saw RGV's #Climax last night and all I want to say is that you don't have to watch it, even if you get a pirated copy for free

Aakashavaani @TheAakashavaani

Only @RGVzoomin can effortlessly outperform himself in delivering mindless movies one after the other. #Climax Review : AVOID IT.