The trailer of Ram Gopal Varma's Climax starring Mia Malkova has received a good review from the audience, who are stunned by the sunrise scene at the end and call it a sheer brilliance of RGV.

Ram Gopal Varma teamed up Mia Malkova for his documentary film God, Sex and Truth in 2018. The director recently surprised his fans by announcing to team up with her for the second time. He has released the teaser and song promo from their upcoming movie titled Climax on May 14 and 16, respectively and both of them have got a good response from the audience.

Mia Malkova in Climax
Mia Malkova in ClimaxScreenshot of YouTube video

Ram Gopal Varma announced to release the trailer of Climax on May 18. The director tweeted on May 17, "In around 24 hours from now at 9.30 AM tmrw 18 th mrng @MiaMalkova's CLIMAX trailer will be releasing is HOT ACTION dipped in COLD FEAR Not able to sleep waiting for CLIMAX trailer release tmrw mrng at 9.30 AM ⁦ @MiaMalkova ⁩ ⁦ @shreyaset."

As promised, Ram Gopal Varma released the trailer of Climax on official YouTube channel. The video shows that it is going to be a scary action-packed thriller set against the backdrop of a desert. Mia Malkova and her boyfriend fly out to a secluded play in the desert and enjoy a romantic getaway. But things turn serious when they enter a 'no entry' zone and a group of masked men chase them.

Mia Malkova in Climax
Mia Malkova in ClimaxScreenshot of YouTube video

The trailer shows that Climax is set to be a hot romance and suspense thriller. The video will remind you of the Netflix film Revenge (2017). A jaw-dropping Mia Malkova flaunting her irresistible figure on the sand is one of the highlights in the trailer. But the biggest attraction is the sunrise scene. In reply to it, the audience, who are wowed by this scene, heaped praises upon Ram Gopal Varma.

Here are some comments on the trailer of Climax:

Ayn Rand: That sunrise raised the highest degree of temperature in me

Siva Prasad: 1.47 never before ever after King of creativity RGV

Gudla Dhanush: How you got the idea to shoot the sunrise scene?! It's just wow

Pardhu yemineni: General studies: sunrises in East Rgv studies: Sun rises in actress butt

Anil Surya Prakash: OMG sheer brilliance of Sunrise shot at 1:50

Muralikrishna Madgundi: That sun elevation scene was awesome RGV gaaru....

Praveen Arts: 1:47 Brilliant Shot from the Whole Trailer! RGV

The Boogeyman: 1:50☀️ Shot Matram Goosebumps Vachayiii Sun-Earth ki Velugu ichinattu ... Women Kuda human birth Velugu Istundiii ani symbolic gaaa chumpainchaduuuu Kudo's To RGV

Mohan bablu: 1:48 literally got goosebumps.

RAKESH SUNKENAPALLI: I never have seen sun brightness like this. Showing the real brightness. Crazy thoughts rgv

Mohammed Noor: This type of (Sunrise) sean I'm seeing Frist time in my life. What a creativity. RGV super.

Raghu Chintu: no more words to say,,, trailer ending sun is seen

Love Nikki: I thought that the sun rises in the east that's wrong now I known where sunrises

Shaik Asif: 1:48 what an amazing shot. Guruji you are great

UR'S GUNA: 1:47 this shows the RGVs Brilliance