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Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular support comes in three variants in IndiaApple Official Website (Screen-lock)

Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular is all set to hit stores in India on May 11. It will be available at Apple authorized shops and also on partner carrier stores—Reliance Jio and Airtel with lucrative data benefits.

However, the new Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a pretty hefty price tag. The standard variant costs Rs 39,080 and comes in an aluminum case with a sports band (or sports loop option). It also comes in sub-variant with high-grade stainless steel case with sports band or Milanese loop option for the same price.

The Apple Watch Nike+ version also features an aluminum case with Nike-branded sports band (or sports band loop option) and costs Rs 39,130 and the special Watch edition costs a whopping Rs 1, 18,030.

Is Apple Watch Series 3 series Cellular worth buying?

Absolutely yes! Though Apple Watch series 3 Cellular series is expensive, it is the most feature-rich smart wearable in the market. To provide a clear perspective, we have listed key features that make the device standout among rival brands.

  • eSIM: This an innovative embedded SIM (one-hundredth the size of a traditional SIM) technology, which literally replaces the need for physical SIM cards in the device. Also, its display acts an antenna to receive the telecommunication signals. Users just have to pair [tutorial below] the device to the mobile phone and once done, you can make calls, text messages and more on the Watch itself. Users can even leave the phone at home and go for a run with just the Watch series 3 and if anybody calls or messages them, they can answer calls or reply to message. You can even stream music from Apple iTunes on the Watch without having to be tethered to the phone. In India, Airtel and Reliance Jio are offering lucrative data benefits, which is said to go live on May 11

[Note: To activate cellular service on the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular), customers first need to update iPhone to iOS 11.3 and watchOS 4.3, then tap Settings on iPhone > General > About and follow the prompt to update to the latest carrier settings.]

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Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular supportApple Press Kit
  • Powerful processor: The new Apple Watch comes with powerful and faster proprietary S3 dual-core processor (70% better than Series 2) backed by wireless W2 chip (85 percent faster Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 50 percent more power efficient). It runs latest watchOS 4, which helps the Watch perform seamlessly without any lag and also last a whole day with a full charge
  • Premium build quality: Like iPhones, Apple does not compromise on the build quality of the Watch. Depending on the variants, they come with high-grade aluminum case, ceramic or stainless steel. On top, it sports high scratch resistant glass display.
  • Health benefits: Unlike other cheap fitness trackers, Apple Watch Series comes with top-of-the-line sensors such as an altimeter, heart rate monitor, and pedometer giving near accurate readings. In addition to helping users reach their fitness goals, it has saved people's life as well. Most recently, Apple Watch helped save a Tampa Bay teen's life with the timely notifications of abnormal heartbeat count, which upon diagnosis revealed a previously unknown kidney ailment.
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Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS Cellular) comes with a starting price of Rs 39,080.Reliance Jio Website

The company has promised that the Apple Watch Series (with future software updates) will be able to detect subtle/high changes in heartbeats and warn the user of cardiac arrhythmias, or abnormal heart rhythms. And also, Apple Watch will also be able to help diabetic device owners to keep a tab on their health via connected blood sugar monitor.

For those unaware, Apple Watch Series 3 supports iPhone SE, 6 (& 6 Plus), 6s (& 6s Plus), 7 (& 7 Plus), 8 (& 8 Plus) and iPhone X. The phones will need to be upgraded to iOS version 11.3 or above.

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