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The Central Board of Secondary Education has increased the board exams fees for students all over and especially for the SC and ST community by 24 times to Rs 1,200 for five subjects. They were paying Rs 50 earlier for five subjects.

For students from the general category, the fees have been doubled to Rs 1,500. In addition to this, the general category students will have to pay Rs 300 for an extra subject instead of the initial Rs 150 they were expected to pay. This is the first hike in five years.

The cost of exams for students belonging to the SC & ST community was Rs 350. They were asked to pay Rs 50 and the Delhi government covered the difference. However, now they will be asked to pay Rs 1,200.

"The increase is after a gap of five years. The fees have been increased for all categories of students in all affiliated schools of CBSE in India and abroad by a resolution if the governing body of the board," a senior board official told PTI.

This new regulation is applicable immediately and schools, which fall under CBSE have been notified to collect the fees, as per the new guidelines. For Class 10 board exams, the fees are collected when the students are in Class 9 and for Class 12 exams, the fees are collected when the students are in class 11.

In this case, the CBSE has instructed schools to collect the balance amount in the form of cash from the students. Those who do not pay will not be registered for 2019-20 examinations.

"100 per cent visually impaired students are exempted from paying CBSE examination fees," the official had said.

Migration fees which were Rs 150 have been increased to Rs 350. Fees for the CBSE students abroad it has also been doubled. Initially, they had to pay Rs 5,000 for five subjects in classes 10 and 12. Now, they will be paying Rs 10,000. For an additional subject in Class 12, they will have to pay Rs 2,000 as opposed to Rs 1,000 they had to pay earlier.