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Facebook/Mbs Sangadji

The washed up carcass of a mysterious creature has been spotted along the shore of Indonesia's Hulung Beach.

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The dead body of this strange creature had started turning the surrounding waters red which drew the attention of many marine scientists and locals.

The creature was later guesstimated to be a sperm whale or a giant squid, but Marcus Chua, a museum officer at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, claimed that this carcass was of a baleen whale, Mashable reported.

Chua also revealed that the record of finding squids in Indonesia has been nil and identifying whether this giant marine creature is a humpback whale or not is not possible as the body had decomposed to a great extent.

mystery, marine creature, weird, dead,
Facebook/ Mbs Sangadji

A Facebook user posted some images of the dead create with the following description:

"Giant squid discovered by Asrul Tuanakota on May 10, 2017, at 09:00 IEST. The Giant squid was stranded on the coast of Hulung Village, Iha Kec. Huamual Kab. Seram Bagian Barat, Maluku. This giant squid is 22 m long, 4 m wide and weighs about 35 tons. It is hoped that there will be research by a related institution or university on the cause of death of this giant creature." 

Facebook/ Mbs Sangadji

Here's the video showing the enormous carcass of the marine creature turning the water surrounding its red:

YouTube/Patasiwa Kumbang Amalatu

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