Female Argonauta argo, octopus
Female Argonauta argo with eggs.Bernd Hofmann at de.wikipedia/ Wiki Commons

Reproduction is of crucial importance when it comes to the survival of any species, but some creatures have been following the weirdest mating rituals that turn out to be extremely lethal.

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Male octopuses belonging to a species known as argonaut lose their limb in order to get an opportunity to mate and fertilise the eggs of the female argonaut, which is comparatively larger than the male, and is almost as big as a football.

The male argonaut uses its strongest tentacle called hectocotylus to defend itself as well as for transferring its sperm packets into the female octopus while mating.

The male octopus first sweeps past the female when the copulating process begins and his arm gets detached, after which it crawls into the female octopus' mantle cavity.

The creepy part about their mating ritual is that the male dies soon after the intercourse, as living without the strong arm is not possible for him. According to a report by the Age, despite knowing that their once in a lifetime mating will be fatal, the male argonauts have been following this weird ritual for millions of years.

Scientists don't know too much about the life and copulation practices of the marine creatures, especially the ones living deep under the oceans. A majority of the marine creatures, which are not known much about, are referred to as sea monsters; they only make news when they are accidentally caught by a fisherman.

"If we call unusual deep sea animals monsters or demons or freaks, then we may harm their conservation as people are unlikely to connect with them or care about saving them," experts expressed their opinion, the Conversation reported.

This video shows a female argonaut which is out of her shell:

YouTube/ Cabrillo Marine Aquarium