Snapshot of the video shot by the woman in Santa Rosa, California.MUFON

Another mysterious UFO sighting took place last weekend in Santa Rosa, California and a couple were spectators. 

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According to the woman's statement to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) investigators, the movement of the UFO was being tracked by the police from the ground, while an air force plane followed the UFO in the sky.

This strange incident occurred at 6:45 pm local time, when the couple was on their way back home in their car. They spotted a luminous object in the sky getting closer to them, as reported by Daily Express.

"Before we knew it, it was flying directly over our car and it was so close we could see details underneath the craft," the woman said, as quoted by Science World Report.

This bizarre incident left the woman baffled, she first thought that the object was a missile. She and her boyfriend tried to figure out what just happened, but were clueless.

They could still see the UFO from their house, along with police cars and a jet plane tracking the unidentified craft.

Have a look at the footage taken by the woman:

Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)

"When we got home we could still see the craft hovering in the sky from our house. It seemed to go higher in the sky. It hovered in the same spot for about 10 minutes, then it started going back in the direction it initially came from," she said.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing and both of us still can't comprehend what happened. We finished driving home and saw some police cars headed towards the direction of the scene. It was then the plane became involved," she added.

It's not clear why the information regarding the incident has not been conveyed to the public as yet. Some instances of UFO sightings have been covered up on social media, which has infuriated conspiracy theorists.

These strange happenings are likely to remain a mystery till space agencies such as NASA say they didn't happen, a Daily Star report stated.

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