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Sex has been a subject studied in depth for decades, and yet there are parts of it that we do not fully understand. One such aspect is pre-ejaculatory fluid or precum, and whether it has the potential to impregnate women.

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Here are some facts about precum that you should know:

What is precum?

Precum is also known as pre-ejaculatory fluid. It is a transparent liquid which men secrete from their penis before they ejaculate.

This fluid acts like a natural lubricant and eases penetration. It also plays a role in neutralising the urethra present in the male's penis which has acidic properties; this helps the sperm's survival in the female's body.

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Can precum cause pregnancy?

According to various studies, precum usually comprises of sperm that are likely to be dead and immobile, but some researches have seen living sperms present in this fluid as well.

As per findings, some men often leak their sperm in the precum. The cause behind this is still unkown.

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Due to these reasons precum has the tendency to make women pregnant, but as the ratio of living sperm to dead and immobile sperm is less in the fluid, the probability of the woman getting impregnated are pretty low.

It's better to practise safe sex and use condoms, or have contraceptive pills in case you are having sex without a condom, in order to remain on the safer side and prevent pregnancy.

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Can precum cause STDs?

Yes, precum has a high potential to infect you with STDs if your partner has it.

A study has revealed that traces of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was detected in 12 out of 23 HIV positive people.

Hence, make sure you and your partner are tested for infections before indulging in sex, a TOI report said.