Boney Kapoor and Sridevi

Boney Kapoor and Sridevi's love story will forever remain etched in our hearts. With a solid marriage and an incredible chemistry even after two decades, the couple was one of the most loved and respected pairs in B-town.

At the India Today Woman Summit 2013, Boney Kapoor was asked how he fell in love with the beautiful Sridevi. A happy Boney Kapoor had picked up the mic and said, "This is something I enjoy talking about and this is something she doesn't want me to talk about. But, nonetheless, I'll make an attempt to say this all over again because I re-live the moments and the process of falling in love. It happened the first time I saw her onscreen. This was probably in the late 70s when I saw a Tamil film. I said to myself this is someone I would like to have in my film."

Boney revealed that he was in the process of starting a film for which he was considering bringing Rishi Kapoor onboard. But before asking Rishi, he checked with Sridevi whether she would take the role.

He travelled all the way to Chennai but got to know that she was shooting in Singapore. Boney revealed that Sridevi never got off his mind and he finally signed her for Mr India. He said that when he went to the sets and met her for the first time, it was almost like a dream come true. "She is an introvert and doesn't communicate easily to strangers and I was a stranger then. But, the few words she spoke in broken Hindi and broken English, they touched me and moved me," he said.

Boney revealed that during those days, the mothers of the actresses used to decide the commercial aspects and he went to Chennai to meet Sridevi's mother. He candidly revealed that Sridevi was the highest-paid female actress then and her mother quoted him ten lacs. To which, Kapoor said, "No, I'll pay her eleven lacs. That's how I got close to her mother."

Boney revealed that he made sure of Sridevi's comfort on the sets when the shoot started and also made it a point to get more things for her than what she wanted. "I was married then and I had confessed to my ex-wife that I am in love with her," revealed Boney. He also added that he was constantly by Sridevi's side and looked after her even when she used to shoot for other films and slowly, even Sridevi realised how much he cared for her.

Even after Sridevi's demise, Boney Kapoor seems head-over-heels in love with her. No interviews, press conference or media interaction goes where Boney doesn't talk about his beloved wife. Though Sridevi left for her untimely heavenly abode, their jodi will always remain immortal and memorable.