Vinod Mehra and Rekha

Over the years, Bollywood has seen many immortal reel and real life love stories. While few made us believe in the power of love, there were many which shook our belief in the institution of marriage. One such love story was that of one of Bollywood's most beautiful and versatile actress – Rekha and Vinod Mehra.

After being in love many a times and her heart broken over and over again, Rekha found solace in the arms of her Ghar co-actor Vinod Mehra. While Mehra loved her intensely, his family wasn't ready to accept Rekha. And his mother even had a show-down with Rekha when Mehra brought her to his home the first time.

Rekha's biography The Untold Story, by Yasser Usman, chronicles the episode. The book narrates that when Vinod Mehra took Rekha to his home after getting married in Kolkata, his mother was furious. His mother apparently did not want Rekha as her daughter-in-law and was not ready to accept her. When Rekha tried to touch her feet, Vinod Mehra's mother even pushed the actress, reports India Today.

Vinod Mehra's mother did not let Rekha enter the house and kept screaming at her and humiliating her. Not just that, she even went to the extent of taking off her sandal to hit Rekha, as per a report in India Today. Vinod tried to pacify his mother and tried his best to sort it out, but, all his efforts went in vain.

An upset and heartbroken Rekha went away running as Mehra followed her. Mehra passed away suddenly due to cardiac arrest during the shooting of Gurudev. Rekha and Vinod Mehra have done many films together. Their most famous film remains – Ghar and Bindiya Chamkegi.

Rekha later went on to tie-the-knot with with a budding businessman Mukesh Agarwal. Mukesh was a well-known man in the circle and apparently it was Rekha who initiated the first move. Romance blossomed between the two and soon the couple tied the knot. However, Mukesh too died a tragic death owing to depression and committed suicide.