Priety Zinta and Kareena Kapoor

Out of all the films that Karan Johar has made, one movie which not only stood the test of time but will probably remain relevant and popular even after several decades is Kal Ho Na Ho. While Shah Rukh Khan broke our hearts through his role, it was Priety who truly came into her own through the movie. Not only did she bag several awards for the film but also proved her acting abilities through this love-triangle.

Very few know that before Preity Zinta, Karan Johar had offered the role to Kareena Kapoor. Kareena not only did not do the film but also got into a cold war with Karan. Kareena had once revealed on Koffee with Karan that she had stopped taking Karan Johar's calls after it and did not even inform him that she would not be doing the project. Preity, who had graced the show with Saif Ali Khan back then, had said that Kareena always holds her up for taking over the film.

In an episode where Karan had invited both Rani Mukerji and Kareena Kapoor, he showed them a video of Preity. Talking about Kareena, Preity had said, "Kareena, thank you for Kal Ho Na Ho. Don't hold me for it, you always hold me for it. I don't have any problem with her, but, I do have a problem when she ignores me. I don't like that. Kareena says hi to me when Karan is around. I think, Kareena, we are both actors of the Indian film industry and we should just take a chill-pill."

She had further added, "I think, Rani, Kareena and me can share creative space, of course we can share creative space together. The industry is big enough, there are lots of films being made and I think we can happily co-exist in this industry and we should."

After watching the video, Kareena had told Karan, "Let her think what she wants. I could also think that she says hi to me. But, maybe she is my senior, next time I'll definitely go upto her and say hi."

Phew! That was quite some statement to make. What do you think?