The Karnataka state road transport corporation and Bangalore metropolitan transport corporation employees resorted to protest against the state government over a range of issues, including the delay in the payment of their salaries. 
BMTC buses resume services
BMTC buses resume servicesindian express

What are the demands of KSRTC and BMTC employees? 

The workers claimed that they are overworked and are not paid full salaries. They demanded timely payment of their salaries and a reduction of work hours for women. The demands will be sent to Karnataka deputy chief minister and transport minister Laxman Savadi in the form of a memorandum.

However Savadi issued a media statement on Monday, appealing to the employees to understand the financial realities of the state government. 

"The delay is due to COVID-19's impact on transport corporations. I appeal to the workers to understand the financial realities of the government," Savadi added.

 The employees and transport corporations said that bus services will not be affected during the protest. the employees who are off duty, will participate in the protest to bring their concerns to the notice of authorities without hindering the bus services.