Sanjana Anne with Nani on Bigg Boss Telugu 2 stage
Sanjana Anne with Nani on Bigg Boss Telugu 2 stageSnapshot of Hot Star video

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 host Nani has given a fitting reply to Miss Hyderabad Sanjana Anne, who was recently eliminated from the house after she insulted him by comparing him with actor Jr NTR.

Ever since Nani was chosen as a host for Bigg Boss Telugu 2, people have been comparing him with Jr NTR, the host of the previous season.  After the launch of the show, many viewers took to social media to express their displeasure over Nani's anchoring skills. But the actor did not respond to the criticism.

With Bigg Boss Telugu 2 completing its first week, Nani showed doors to Sanjana Anne as the first elimination from the house on Sunday. Miss Hyderabad, who entered the house on June 10, felt humiliated from the day one, as she was kept in jail soon after her entry. Post her elimination, she felt that big boss didn't give her enough time to prove her mettle inside the house.

After she walked out of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house, Sanjana Anne was interviewed by several media house and most asked question was - what do you feel about Nani's hosting? In her reply, she made a mockery of the actor and the video featuring her response created a lot of buzz with young tiger's fans circulating it heavily on the social media.

One of the highly circulated video shows Sanjana Anne saying, "I won't say that Nani is that bad, but after using iPhone for a time, will you go back to the cheap phone? Same way I got addicted to NTR's hosting and can't imagine Nani in that place. I don't see Nani having such stuff."

Sanjana Anne's comment did not go down well with his fans, who resorted to troll her on social media. On the other hand, many viewers kept trolling host Nani, by teasing him with their comparison. When he could take it enough, Nani replied to an audience with Twitter handle @akhillreddy. He tweeted, "Same pinch .. I like I phone too :)"

Nani's brief reply was too ambiguous to understand. Different people interpreted his statement in different ways. Some felt that he meant he too liked Jr NTR as a host. Others thought that he took a dig at her by comparing her to other contestants in the show. 

However, Nani's fans were impressed with his reply. Some of them went on say that Sanjana Anne, who is a struggling model, is trying to stay in the limelight by making provocative statements.