Amit Tiwari with host Nani on Bigg Boss Telugu 2
Amit Tiwari with host Nani on Bigg Boss Telugu 2Snapshot of Hot Star video

Amit Tiwari's journey on Bigg Boss Telugu 2 has come to an end on the 98th episode. He is 12th contestant to be eliminated from Nani-hosted show after Sanjana, Kireeti, Bhanu, Tejaswi, Nandini, Babu, Deepthi, Pooja, Ganesh, Nutan and Syamala.

Here are the live updates of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 elimination:

10.30 pm: Amit Tiwari is seen getting emotional after watching the video of his Bigg Boss Telugu 2 journey. Amit Tiwari drops the Bigg Bomb on Deepthi Nallamothu. She has to comb the hair of all the housemates for the entire week.

10.12 pm: It is results time. Nani announces that Deepthi Nallamothu, Kaushal, Geetha Madhuri, and Roll Rida are out of danger from the eliminations. Amit Tiwari is eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

Amit Tiwari on Bigg Boss Telugu 2
Amit Tiwari on Bigg Boss Telugu 2Snapshot of Hot Star video

10.05 pm: Deepthi Nallamothu is unstoppable. The housemates and Nani are seen exhausted by her speech. Though Deepthi had given a lengthy explanation, her guess game goes all wrong with zero points. Nani and the housemates are relieved after Deepthi stops talking. Nani mentions that Deepthi Nallamothu has never understood any housemate, as she doesn't give them a chance to talk.

10.00 pm: Nani is seen exhausted, as Deepthi Nallamothu starts her continuous story-telling. The housemates enact sleeping, as she explains herself. Nani pulls her legs and Kaushal grabs a pillow to sleep. Amit Tiwari, Roll Rida, Samrat, and Tanish make fun of her.

9.55 pm: The housemates give their opinions on Tanish. Tanish tries to guess, as the housemates are seen having fun. Nani asks the housemates to give their opinions on Deepthi Nallamothu. Deepthi Nallamothu is made fun of, for her prolonged statements.

9.40 pm: Roll Rida is blindfolded and the housemates give their opinions on him. Roll Rida tried to guess. Nani created fun while Roll is trying to guess about the housemates' opinions. Roll Rida makes four right guesses.

9.30 pm: The next person to participate in the game is Geetha Madhuri. Geetha Madhuri starts guessing who would have given her which opinion. The housemates give their opinions on Samrat next. Nani makes fun of Deepthi Nallamothu. Samrat tries to guess which contestant would have given him which opinion from the given cards.

9.20 pm: The housemates are seen giving their opinions on Kaushal. Kaushal guesses a few opinions right and explains why he thinks so.

9.15 pm: Nani explains to the housemates regarding the task. The housemates are to give an opinion from the list provided to each contestant.

Amit Tiwari is the first housemate who is to be given opinions about. Amit has to guess who would have given a particular opinion about him. The housemates are seen having a good time.

9.00 pm: Nani starts off with a mini performance. Very soon, Nani shifts his focus on 'Naa Nee' tv.
Nani makes fun of Deepthi Nallamothu and Geetha Madhuri for being late.

Nani mentions that the bigg boss telugu 2 housemates are to play a fun task.

Actor Amit Tiwari is rumoured to have been eliminated from the house of Nani-hosted TV show Bigg Boss Telugu 2 and four other nominated housemates are safe from eviction.

The competition is getting tougher in the house with each passing day, as Bigg Boss Telugu 2 nears its finale. All the eyes are set on the finalists' list and seven contestants, who are inside the house, are trying their best to make it to the list. Almost all of them are strong contenders for the winner's title.

Amit Tiwari
Amit TiwariSnapshot of Hot Star video

Weeks ahead of its finale, five housemates like Kaushal, Deepthi Nallamothu, Roll Rida, Geetha Madhuri, and Amit Tiwari have been nominated for elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Nani, who appeared on the show on Saturday, has reserved the announcement about the eviction on Sunday.

The buzz in the media is that Amit Tiwari is already out of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house. A guy with the Twitter handleā€¸ @BiggLeaks wrote, "Get ready to bid farewell to #AmitTiwari Officially Eliminated from #BiggBossTelugu2 "

IBTimes India held a week-long survey to find out which contestants will be saved from eviction from Bigg Boss Telugu 2. As per our poll, Amit Tiwari received very the least number of votes.

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