Sanjana Anne, Deepthi Sunaina, RJ Ganesh and Nuthan Naidu
Sanjana Anne, Deepthi Sunaina, RJ Ganesh and Nuthan NaiduCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Actor-turned-host Nani introduced 16 contestants and locked them inside the house, commencing the second season of Bigg Boss Telugu. But the viewers are upset with Star Maa for not bringing real commoners into the house.

Bigg Boss Telugu, which featured all celebs inside the house, was a success in terms of getting highest viewership. Star Maa decide to bring a different angle to its second season in a bid to boost the drama and competition inside the house.

The TV channel increased the number of participants for this season and planned to include to commoners in the house.

As per its plan, Star Maa introduced 13 celebs and 3 commoners to the audience, before locking them inside the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 2. But the TV channel has created confusion among the viewers, who are of the opinion that the makers of the show do not know the difference between the celebrity and common man.

The viewers say that Nuthan Naidu is the only commoner in the house of Bigg Boss Telugu. Sanjana Anne is a model, who is the winner of Miss Hyderabad 2016 Competition and is a finalist in Miss India competition. But TV channel considers her a commoner.

On the other hand, Deepthi Sunaina is an Instagram sensation and she can be called a commoner. But the channel considers her a celeb. Though it can be noted that Sunaina has got close to 7 lakh followers on Instagram.

Some viewers, who were upset with the selection of contestants took to Twitter to ask Star Maa about the difference between celebs and commoners. Here are some of their Twitter comments.

Udayini Reddy‏ @UdayiniReddy3

@StarMaa @NameisNani @bigbossTelugu2 am wondering. 3 commoners? dat to 1 is RJ, 1 is Mdl/Ms Hyd and the other din't specify. Wer r d commoners? Der should be equity. It seems biased. Nowhere a non industry Person. Seeking d attention using d word commoner. Dissapointing!!!

The rookie? @bhargavs_

Enti miss India finalist common man aa? Deepthi Sunaina celebrity na? Asalu mee concept entra #BiggBossTelugu2 #BiggBoss #BiggBossTelugu

Sunil Kumar? @9ynnus

#BigBoss2 how come miss Hyderabad is common from others? and all 3 from 1 Telugu state... goppollura babu...????

Pavan Kumar? @pavanpuranam33

#BiggBossTelugu2 sucks..contestents are not intersting looks like they are not common people..i think they came with reference..nani anchoring sucks very boring

uknowwatimean? @iamforfun

Achievement wise sanjana is way better than many ppl in house..Miss India finalist is no joke.. #BiggBossTelugu2 but popularity wise no.may b this is a good opportunity for her

RaheemYounus Shaik @yoloviee

Miss hyd & miss india finalist ayina #SanjanaAnne ni common man list lo techavu #DeepthiSunaina ni celebrity list lo pampav entra chettha nayala @StarMaa ???? #BiggBossTelugu2