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In the September 18 episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, housemates nominated four contestants for this week's elimination. The nominated contestants are Archana Suseelan, Sabumon Abdusamad, Pearle Maaney and Shiyas.

It should be noted that this is the last nomination process in the first edition of Bigg Boss Malayalam, and contestants who enter the safe zone this week will reach the grand finale which is just thirteen days away.

Interestingly, all the contestants nominated yesterday were strong contenders. Adit, Suresh and Srinish, touted to be the weak contestants in the house reached the finals with ease, as they received fewer numbers of nominations yesterday.

This week, the real fight is expected to happen between Sabumon Abdusamad and Shiyas. Sabumon Abdusamad, during his initial days in Bigg Boss, had succeeded in developing a loyal fan base. However, as the game progressed, he lost many of his supporters and he may surely feel the heat during the elimination process this weekend.

On the other hand, Shiyas was the weakest housemate in Malayalam Bigg Boss during the initial days. But in the course of time, the aspiring model from Cochin captured the hearts of audiences with his innocent behaviour. In this week's elimination, Shiyas will emerge as a real threat for Sabumon, as neutral audiences would give votes to Shiyas due to his boy next door image.

Archana Suseelan, in all probabilities, will be eliminated from the house today. The actress used to actively participate in daily tasks, but until now, she has not succeeded in developing a fan base on social media platforms.

Pearle Maaney is the most likely contestant who will reach the safe zone with ease this week. Even though she is a problem maker inside the house, Pearle has a huge fan following outside, and the so-called Pearle army is vigorously conducting various campaigns to save her.

Bigg Boss Malayalam audiences can vote for their favourite contestant using Google and SMS. People who wish to vote using Google should type 'Bigg Boss Malayalam voting' in the search box. As Google populates the result, click on the first link, and cast the votes.

To vote using SMS, viewers should type BB and the contestant's name and send it to 57827.