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A Screengrab from Bigg Boss Malayalam: Hotstar

10.10 pm: Bigg Boss asks Suresh to nominate two contestants directly. Suresh nominates Shiyas and Pearle Maaney. Bigg Boss announces that the nominees for next week's elimination are Archana Suseelan, Sabumon Abdusamad, Pearle Maaney and Shiyas. Bigg Boss asks Suresh, Srinish and Aditi to stand up, and informs them that they have qualified for the grand finale.

10.05 pm: Pearle Maaney nominates Archana Suseelan and Sabumon. Archana Suseelan initially nominates Srinish. Archana reveals that Srinish lacks helping mentality. She later nominates Aristo Suresh. Sabumon nominates Shiyas and Aditi Rai. Srinish nominates Sabumon Abdusamad. He later nominates Archana Suseelan.

10.00 pm: Bigg Boss asks Shiyas to come to the confession room. Shiyas nominates Sabumon Abdusamad. He revealed that Sabumon is not a person who wishes to win the contest. Later, he nominates Archana Suseelan. Aditi nominates Srinish. As per Aditi, Srinish is a very lazy guy who is hesitant to do household tasks. She also nominates Pearle Maaney.

9.55 pm: Bigg Boss asks who is the captain in Bigg Boss house today. Contestants reveal that Suresh will be the captain of the house. igg Boss informs contestants that the captain of the house will have certain special privileges. Bigg Boss starts the nomination process. The game authorities reveals that this will be the last nomination in the first edition of Bigg Boss Malayalam.

9.49 pm: Pearle and Srinish continue their romantic affair. Pearle says Srinish that her family is very big, and makes it clear that she does not know what will happen when it comes to her marriage.

9.45 pm: Its interval time, and all the audiences claps upon seeing Mohanlal's interval punch. The film is over, and all the housemates thank Bigg Boss. Pearle Maaney and Archana Suseelan now creates the iconic scene in Manichithrathazhu featuring Suresh Gopi and Shobhana.

9.40 pm: Bigg Boss Malayalam contestants prepare corn flakes to watch a movie. Yesterday, housemates had requested Mohanlal to screen a movie in the house, and it seems he has accepted the request. Housemates jump out of joy to know that the cinema which will be screened in Manichithrathazhu. Contestants are now in the activity room to watch the movie.

After the elimination of Basheer Bashi from the Bigg Boss Malayalam house on Sunday, housemates are now slowly returning to normalcy and are now gearing up for this week's nomination. It should be noted that this will be the last nomination in this edition of Bigg Boss Malayalam, as the grand finale is now just a week away.

The most likely contestants who will be nominated this week will be Shiyas and Sabumon Abdusamad. In the Sunday episode, Shiyas opened up to Mohanlal about the tactics Sabumon adopts during the nomination process. The words from Shiyas has apparently irked Sabumon to the core, and in all probabilities, he will nominate the aspiring model from Cochin in this week's nomination.

In the same way, Shiyas will most likely nominate Sabumon. Close friends of Shiyas including Pearle Maaney, Srinish and Aditi Rai may also nominate Sabumon during this week's elimination.

Apart from Sabumon and Shiyas, Srinish will be another probable contestant who is likely to be nominated today. Over the past few weeks, Srinish is spending time only with Pearle Maaney, and this has apparently spread a wave of dissatisfaction among the housemates. In all probabilities, Sabumon and Archana Suseelan will nominate Srinish in this week's elimination.

We will publish Bigg Boss nomination live updates in this space starting at 9.30 PM. Stay tuned.