The third season of Bigg Boss Malayalam is progressing steadily, and several unexpected events are happening inside the house. On the 58th day, Mohanlal unexpectedly entered the Bigg Boss Malayalam house and ejected the Firoz Khan-Sajna duo. The duo was not ejected from the house on the basis of voting, instead, they were evicted due to their bad gaming strategies. 

Firoz Khan-Sajna ejected from Bigg Boss Malayalam

"This show is being audited by many people, doctors, lawyers, and psychiatrists. The entire world is seeing the events inside the house, and we cannot encourage people who send a bad message to the general public," said Mohanlal. 

Bigg Boss Malayalam
Firoz Khan-Sajna duo in Bigg Boss MalayalamDisney Hotstar

Mohanlal made this decision after Remya Panicker and Soorya complained about Firoz Khan regarding the blackmailing gaming strategies he adopted inside the house. Rithu Manthra also alleged that Firoz Khan is interfering in other's lives, and he is not respecting the personal space of other people. 

"I have something to say about Sajna. Whenever Firoz Khan attacks other women, Sajna used to encourage it, and she is not showing any kind of compassion. Her acts ultimately end up questioning the glory of womanhood. She also used to gossip a lot," alleged Sandhya Manoj. 

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 to end abruptly?

The second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 ended abruptly last year due to the coronavirus outbreak. The recent developments that are happening in India indicate that Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 is also going to face the same fate as the second season. 

The second wave of coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in India, and several states have started imposing restrictions to combat the spread of the pandemic. Moreover, Mohanlal is currently busy with the shooting of Barroz, and he should travel regularly to Chennai which might be a difficult task in pandemic times. If states impose more travel restrictions, Banijay and Asianet may decide to wrap up Bigg Boss Malayalam abruptly without finalizing the winners.