As the third season of Bigg Boss Malayalam is progressing steadily, a section of netizens has started alleging that host Mohanlal is behaving in a biased manner towards some of the contestants inside the house. It all started when Mohanlal asked Firoz Khan and Sajna to wear masks for using obscene language in the show. According to netizens, contestants like Sai Vishnu and Bhagyalakshmi had also used similar words in the show, but Mohanlal did not dare to take any actions against them. 

Mohanlal targeting Dimpal Bhal, Firoz Khan, and Sajna

In the weekend episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3, Mohanlal lashed out at Firoz Khan and Sajna for their violent acts inside the house. 

Bigg Boss Malayalam
Dimpal Bhal (Left), Mohanlal (Right)Disney Hotstar

"The entire world is watching the show. Families are watching, and you are not supposed to behave in this manner inside the house. As the first and last warning, you should wear masks for the next 24 hours," said Mohanlal during the show. 

In the next game, when Firoz Khan made a remark on Rithu Manthra, Mohanlal went a step ahead, and Mohanlal asked the duo to wear masks for 48 hours. 

Dimpal fans against Mohanlal

In Sunday's episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Mohanlal asked about the issues that persist between Sai Vishnu and Dimpal Bhal. Both of them narrated the issue, and Mohanlal requested them to stay away from quarrels. It was at this time that Bigg Boss played a song to inform Sai that he is safe inside the house. An excited Sai started dancing in front of Dimpal Bhal, and it was literally irritating. 

Dimpal complained about Sai's act to Mohanlal. However, Mohanlal took a soft stand and did not bother to question Sai Vishu. The unexpected move from Mohanlal irked audiences, and they are urging the Superstar to watch all the episodes before hosting the show.