The 57th day in Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 was eventful, as show organizers asked the housemates to rank themselves. During the task, the Firoz Khan-Sajna duo, Remya Panicker, and Sai Vishnu fought for the first spot. To secure the first spot, Remya Panicker alleged that Firoz Khan has been blackmailing her since the first day he entered the show. 

Firoz Khan in trouble

"Firoz has been threatening me that he will disclose some shocking facts about me. He has threatened me several times. At this moment, in front of all housemates, I am challenging Firoz to reveal that shocking thing. As an unmarried girl, comments from Firoz could give a bad impression of me before the general public. Now, I request Firoz to reveal what is that shocking secret, so that everyone can hear," said Remya Panicker during the task. 

Bigg Boss Malayalam
Firoz Khan in Bigg Boss Malayalam 3Disney Hotstar

An unexpected challenge from Remya Panicker literally shocked Firoz Khan, and he failed to give a proper answer. However, he made it clear that the information he knows about Remya Panicker is shocking, and he repeatedly claimed that he will divulge it in the confession room. 

"Remya Panicker is a wet cracker. I know something shocking about Remya Panicker. But it is not nice to reveal it here. I will tell the thing in the confession room, and if Bigg Boss wants to air it, they can do," said Firoz Khan. 

The defensive attitude of Firoz Khan literally irked other contestants, and they claimed that the prankster is trying to tarnish the image of a young girl before the general public. However, despite repeated requests and arguments, Firoz Khan refused to give a proper answer, and finally, he was moved to the 13th spot in the show. 

Later, Soorya and Remya Panicker told everyone that they will be informing this issue before superstar Mohanlal when he comes to host the show this weekend. 

Manikuttan scores well 

Later, Manikuttan requested Firoz Khan to stop his blackmailing gaming strategy. However, Firoz Khan reacted in a very violent manner, and it resulted in a fight between the duo. Manikuttan told Firoz that he will show his real face if the prankster continues to blackmail women in the Bigg Boss Malayalam house. 

Manikuttan's reaction is now receiving positive responses from all corners, and people are lauding him for the respect he gives to womanhood.