The 49th day of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 is expected to turn eventful, as Remya Panicker who was eliminated from the show on the 35th day is all set to make her comeback to the show. According to close sources to the show, Remya Panicker will most probably enter the Bigg Boss house today with new tactics and game-playing strategies. 

Remya Panicker to adopt new gaming strategies

As Remya Panicker is making her comeback to the house, viewers believe that Remya will adopt new game strategies, as she might have watched the previous episodes. When Remya Panicker entered the house on the 13th day of the show, she was considered a very vibrant contestant. However, Remya failed to get screen space, and when she started showing signs of becoming active, she got eliminated. 

Remya Panicker
Bigg Boss Malayalam contestant Remya PanickerDisney Hotstar

When Remya Panicker was eliminated from the house, several netizens claimed that her eviction was unfair. They also added that the decision to eliminate Remya Panicker could not be justified, as there are several inactive contestants like Sandhya Manoj who is still there in the Bigg Boss house. 

Remya Panicker may befriend with Firoz-Sajna duo

Remya Panicker is expected to befriend with Firoz-Sajna duo once she enters the house. As Firoz and Sajna are the most popular contestants in the Bigg Boss Malayalam house, Remya will most probably try to play alongside them so that she can easily stay in the house until the 100th day. According to current trends, Dimpal Bhal and Manikuttan are the two likely contestants who will stay in the house until the grand finale. 

In the meantime, Kidilam Firoz and Sandhya Manoj will feel the heat this week, as their close friend Bhagyalakshmi was evicted yesterday. If Sandhya Manoj continues her inactive gameplaying style this week, the dancer will get eliminated from the house next weekend.