The third season of Bigg Boss Malayalam is progressing steadily, and the house is regularly witnessing several emotional outbreaks and fights in every episode. The 45th episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 was eventful in several ways, as Bigg Boss gave the contestants their weekly task. As a part of the weekly task, contestants were asked to collect, wash, and iron the maximum number of clothes possible. During the task, several contestants fought each other, and the first clash was between Ramzan Mohammed and Kidilan Firoz. Later, veteran dubbing artist Bhagyalakshmi had clashes with Ramzan Mohammed and Sai Vishnu, while Firoz Khan engaged in an open clash with Anoop Krishnan. 

Bhagyalakshmi threatens Sai Vishnu, calls Ramzan Mohammed arrogant

While talking with Manikuttan, Bhagyalakshmi alleged that Ramzan Mohammed is a highly arrogant person, who does not know how to respect elderly people. The words of Bhagyalakshmi clearly indicate that she wants to get an upper hand in the house due to her age and experience in the entertainment industry. 

Sai Vishnu
Sai Vishnu, Ramzan Mohammed (Left), Bhagyalakshmi (Right)Disney Hotstar

Later, during the evening meeting, Sai Vishnu questioned Bhagyalakshmi for her gossiping attitude. Sai Vishnu strongly reacted, and it eventually led to a fight between him and Kidilan Firoz, who is a sidekick of Bhagyalakshmi. 

Bhagyalakshmi shows her real color

In the Bigg Boss Plus segment, Bhagyalakshmi showed her real face, and she literally tried to irritate Sai Vishnu several times. She also claimed that Sai Vishnu is a good actor in life, and if he does the same on screens, he will Oscars. 

The veteran dubbing artist also added that she will destroy Sai Vishnu once she gets out of the Bigg Boss Malayalam house. The comments made by Bhagyalakshmi have literally irked netizens, and they claim that the dubbing artist is a real venomous person, as previously claimed by Firoz Khan. 

In the meantime, the recent trend in online spaces indicates that Bhagyalakshmi and Sandhya Manoj are emerging as the most hated contestants in Bigg Boss Malayalam 3, while the popularity of Sai Vishnu, Manikuttan, Dimpal Bhal, and Firoz Khan-Sajna duo have reached sky-high.