The third edition of Bigg Boss Malayalam is slowly finding its pace, and contestants have started adopting various gaming strategies to emerge victorious in the show. However, Sajna Firoz who is participating alongside her husband Firoz Khan as a single contestant has apparently adopted a cheap gaming strategy over the past few days. In the recent episodes of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Sajna can be seen repeatedly using the gender card, and her unexpected move has literally irked the audience and contestants. 

Sajna using the gender card

In the Tuesday episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Sajna and Ramzan Mohammed fought each other, and at one point in time, Sajna alleged that Ramzan came too close to her, which she called 'private space'. However, Ramzan denied these allegations and made it clear that it was Sajna who initially came close to him during the time of the verbal war. 

Bigg Boss Malayalam
A screengrab from Bigg Boss Malayalam 3Disney Hotstar

After the incident, Sajna repeatedly claimed that she is a woman, and she has a private space. But the video of the incident clearly shows that Ramzan has not crossed his boundaries and the incident surrounding Ramzan and Sajna is very common in a show like Bigg Boss. 

Sajna's issue with Sai Vishnu

In yesterday's episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, contestants were given the task to act as police and thieves. During the task, Sajna tried to catch Sai Vishnu physically, and the latter reacted in a very forceful manner. Even though Sai Vishnu's behavior was totally unacceptable, Sajna soon used the gender card and alleged that Sai Vishnu does not know how to behave with a woman. 

Later, Bigg Boss warned Sajna and Sai Vishnu, and asked them to refrain from manhandling others during the task. 

Sajna's gender play has not gone well with most of the audiences, and they have started trolling her for using cheap tactics. According to these people, there is no gender difference inside the Bigg Boss house, and Sajna is using the gender card to garner sympathy.