Unlike the first two seasons of Bigg Boss Malayalam, contestants in the third edition are less familiar to the audience in Kerala, and most of them are from a normal background. Out of the 14 contestants who entered the Bigg Boss Malayalam house, it was psychologist Dimpal Bhal who captured the hearts of the audience from the very first day. With her frank attitude and innocent behavior, Dimpal has already racked up a huge fan following, and several people believe that this cancer survivor will most probably become the title winner of this year. 

Dimpal Bhal's emotional story impresses audiences

In the episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, aired on February 17, Dimpal Bhal shared her emotional story. During the speech, Bahl shared her relationship with her deceased friend Juliet. Dimpal met Juliet when she was aged 12. The psychologist also added that Juliet took her last breath while lying on Dimpal's lap. 

Dimpal Bhal
Dimpal Bhal in Bigg Boss Malayalam 3Disney Hotstar

After several years, Dimpal met Juliet's mother, and on that day, she wore Juliet's school uniform which her mother has kept as a treasure for years. Dimpal has also tattooed the name 'Juliet' on her hand, and she revealed that Juliet's memories will be there forever in her mind. 

Dimpal Bhal also shared her cancer surviving story. According to Dimpal, she is such a person who has fought death, and as a result, she is now very strong, who loves to speak from the heart. 

Netizens laud Dimpal Bhal

Dimpal Bhal's attitude and talking style have already impressed netizens, and her recent narration of Juliet's story has elevated her popularity to new heights among netizens. Several Facebook users have already started 'Dimpal Bhal Army', and they strongly believe that she is the person who deserves to be the title winner of this season. 

Model Rithu Manthra is expected to become a rival of Dimpal Bhal in the third edition of Bigg Boss Malayalam. If Rithu Manthra succeeds in teaming up with Adoni and Bhagyalakshmi, then their trio could negatively affect Dimpal's journey.