The second week of the Bigg Boss Malayalam house is slowly turning out to be unpredictable as Sajna Firoz, wife of Firoz Khan, who is competing as a single contestant in the show issued suicide threats inside the house. It all happened when Sajna's husband Firoz engaged in a word war with other contestants including Bhagyalakshmi, and Anoop Krishnan.

Bigg Boss issues dire warning

This is for the second time that Sajna was issuing suicide threats inside the Bigg Boss Malayalam house. The move from Sajna literally irked everyone, and Anoop Krishnan informed Bigg Boss that things should be dealt with urgency.

Bigg Boss Malayalam
Firoz Khan and Sajna KhanDisney Hotstar

Soon after Anoop Krishnan made this request, Bigg Boss asked Sajna and Firoz to come to the confession room. In the confession room, Bigg Boss asked comments made by Sajna are spoiling the game and made it clear that the show organizers value everyone's life.

Bigg Boss also asked Sajna whether she wishes to go out of the house. However, Sajna revealed that she wants to stay inside the house, and made it clear that her comments were out of an emotional outburst. Later Bigg Boss warned Sajna that one more suicide threat from her end could lead to her eviction from the house.

Dimpal Bhal and Bhagyalakshmi garner popularity

Even though there are no strong contestants in Bigg Boss Malayalam, season 3, it is Dimpal Bhal and Bhagyalakshmi who are garnering popularity from the audience as days progress. Dimpal Bhal, in her initial days, impressed the viewers with her emotional story, and she even received sympathy when Michelle purposefully targeted her. 

On the other hand, Bhagyalakshmi has impressed the audience with her strong attitude. Recently, Bhagyalakshmi lashed out at Firoz Khan who intentionally tried to provoke her. Serial actor Anoop Krishnan and dancer Ramzan Mohammed are also trying their best to impress audiences in the recent episodes.