Koena Mitra
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Over the years we have seen many celebrities who are loved on the big screen being hated immensely by the inmates and the audience in real life, but, it seldom happens that someone we are not too fond of becomes country's favourite. The same seems to be happening with the Koena Mitra, who is a contestant in season 13, of this ongoing Bigg Boss show.

Koena's frank and cool attitude has won over netizens. Many have even called her the coolest contestant on the show ever. In last night's episode, on being quizzed about her personal life and whether she is dating anyone, Mitra spilled the beans. Talking about her ex-boyfriend, Koena revealed that the man was from Turkey and it took her some time to realise that he was quite possessive. Koena revealed that once he had even locked her up in her apartment's bathroom in Mumbai to prevent her from going to work.

Koena said her ex always insisted on making her meet his parents and once she asked him what would he do if they got married. Her boyfriend's statement alarmed Koena when he said that he would burn her passport so that she is never able to leave him and return to her country. Koena also clarified that though it has been three years since they broke up but the experience has not allowed her to date anyone else after that.

Before entering the house, Koena had also spoken up about her nose job which went wrong. She had told BT, "This is the worst-kept story of our industry. Many have done it and many do it, but no one talks about it, as if it's a crime or a sin. It's a part of my story, so I didn't mind talking about it. I gave statements and that's why yeh peecha nahi chhodta. Even though it's been eight-nine years since, people don't stop asking me about it. Also, why are only women trapped and attacked when it comes to cosmetic enhancement? You are fine with 60 and 50-year-old men from our industry with no wrinkles and head full of hair looking like they have returned to their 20s!"

Koena has had a short-lived and not a very successful career in the film industry. Mitra has featured in films like Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena and Apna Sapna Money Money.