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Ever since the reprised version of the hit song 'O Saki Saki' was released, there has been no stopping the comparisons with the original version from 'Musafir'. While many feel that the original song was better, there is a certain section which feels that the song has gained a new life now.

Nora Fatehi's sensuous dance moves coupled with her belly dance steps have created ripples on social media. But the original 'Saki Saki' girl, Koena Mitra, is not amused.

Koena took to social media to comment on the new song. "My song from Musafir #Saaki Saaki" has been recreated. Sunidhi, Suhwinder, Vishal, Shekhar combination was outstanding. Didn't like the new version, it's a mess! This song had crashed many blockbusters! Why batlahouse, why? P. S: Nora is a stunner. Hope she saves our pride," wrote Koena. 

Though the actress called the remix a 'mess', she praised Nora and hoped she would do justice to the song.

Nora too reacted to Koena Mitra's statement. Nora said in an interview with Mumbai Mirror, "I don't think it's really criticism, everyone's entitled to an opinion and you have to respect that. At the end of the day we are discussing music, which is very subjective. Everyone will not like the same genre or style of music, right?"

"Personally, I set a benchmark with Dilbar and I have to work towards surpassing it. After that, it's for the audience to decide if they like you or not. The best part is I am acting in the film Batla House, so my character's performance to the song O Saki Saki in the film leads up to a very important sequence of events that carries the story forward," added Nora.

Sanjay Dutt also reacted to the remix version and said, "It's great that these songs are being recreated, it means that they are still popular. It's a good thing."

Inspired by true events, Batla House stars John Abraham in the lead role.