Karanvir Bohra, Teejay Sindhu, Somi Khan, Surbhi Rana
Karanvir Bohra, Teejay Sindhu, Somi Khan, Surbhi RanaTwitter

A couple of days ago, Bigg Boss 12 contestants Somi Khan and Surbhi Rana were seen discussing Karanvir Bohra's lecherous behaviour. In an unseen video of the show, Somi and Surbhi were heard speaking about how Karanvir had been making them uncomfortable by coming too close to them.

While Karanvir Bohra may not be aware of what Somi and Surbhi had said about him, his wife Teejay Sidhu, who has been closely following the controversial reality show, has lambasted the two girls saying that the two girls are trying to get footage by targetting KV. 

Responding to Somi and Surbhi's allegations against Karanvir, Teejay told IBTimes, India over the phone, "I just feel it is easy to target a celebrity to get footage. And if Somi had said she was uncomfortable, then they (Bigg Boss 12 makers) should not take girls who are uncomfortable around boys when you know that there will be boys in the show. In the video, Somi said she doesn't like someone coming into her personal space, but earlier she had gone and hugged Karanvir herself. He didn't say come and hug me. She did. So, what does that mean? If she isn't comfortable with all these things, she shouldn't have even done that either. It's just a footage exercise because you know you would get seen when you talk about them on camera."

She added, "Everybody's friendly with each other in the house and there's no other intention. And everybody knows KV. They know what kind of human being he is. To say something like that, it doesn't even carry any kind of weight anyway."

Teejay believes that Somi and Surbhi are saying controversial things on camera just to get noticed. 

"That's the only way. If you are nice and sweet to everybody, then how will Bigg Boss work. I think Somi and Surbhi have done a lot of homework before coming to the reality show and may know that saying such things would get them noticed but for the wrong reason. And that's not right to point fingers at somebody else's character because that's very serious allegations. Especially for somebody who is a family man who has children of his own and someone who has worked in the industry with the biggest and talented actresses. Nobody has ever said anything about him. He has a sparkling record. He's just not that type. And anyway nobody would even believe if people say such things about KV because they know him well," she said. 

Teejay feels that this would not be the end when people will try to get attention on the show.

"Every week, every day, something or the other keeps happening like hurling bad words at someone or the other. Do young girls behave like this these days? Maybe I'm a little old-fashioned for this behaviour," she expressed surprise. 

Teejay feels that Somi should get eliminated among the other three nominated contestants - Romil, Surbhi and Deepak - if she genuinely feels uncomfortable with boys in the Bigg Boss 12 house. 

"Maybe I don't like someone's behaviour but I have never disliked a person. The 'hate' word doesn't even exist for me. but according to me, Somi should get eliminated because I genuinely feel if she is not comfortable with boys in the house, then maybe this show is not for her. Maybe she genuinely said it. Her family might not like it being so close around boys. Maybe she's dropping hint or trying to send a message to the makers of the show that she wants to leave," Teejay said when asked who should get eliminated this week among the four nominated contestants. 

Teejay has remained Karanvir's biggest supporter and critic at the same time ever since he had stepped his foot inside the Bigg Boss 12 house. Earlier, she had blasted Karanvir for taking part in the mockery of Rohit Suchanti with other housemates who made fun of his looks and mannerisms. And just like her criticism, her support for her husband has been unconditional.

If given a chance, Teejay surely would love to the Bigg Boss 12 house not as a contestant but more as a panellist, guest or as a critic.

"Yes, sure. I would love to go to the house as a panellist, guest or as a critic but can never go as a contestant. I love reading books and my conversations don't revolve around other people. What is currently happening inside the Bigg Boss house would be a little disturbing for me as I don't want anything to hamper or interfere with my personal space and inner peace," Teejay had told IBTimes India in an earlier interview.