Dipika Kakar, Neha Pendse
Dipika Kakar, Neha PendseVoot

It looks like Sreesanth is having a difficult time figuring out who are his friends and who are his enemies inside the Bigg Boss 12 house. He started behaving weirdly around Neha Pendse and Dipika Kakar after Deepak Thakur instigated misunderstanding between them.

Sourabh tells Neha that when she and Dipika talked about Sreesanth, Deepak heard their conversation and leaked it to Sreesanth. Neha, then, can be seen discussing the issue with Dipika. Neha tells Dipika that Sreesanth lacks the basic mental ability of understanding people and he easily gets influenced by people and forms his opinion based on their talks.

Later, Somi discusses with Dipika about Sreesanth and their bonding with each other. Somi tells Dipika that Sreesanth is acting weird because he got to know what she and Neha were talking about him. Dipika, then, storms towards the hall area and tells Sreesanth that if she has any opinion about anyone or wants to say something bad about a person, she says it on their faces and not behind their backs.

Neha, on the other hand, tells Srishty that Dipika shouldn't be bearing the brunt of what she has said about somebody.

Dipika then confronts Sreesanth to clear things about what was discussed about him. Sreesanth, however, quickly comes to a conclusion that it was Neha who talked ill about him despite Dipika telling him that she doesn't remember who it was at that time.

The episode between Neha and Dipika has divided their fans on Twitter.

Many felt that Neha is getting enough screen time compared to Dipika whenever they were seen interacting with each other. Many even pointed out that while Neha was being protective about Dipika, the latter didn't defend the former when Sreesanth warned to make Neha cry on national television.

Some thought Dipika was playing a dirty game against her own friend Neha while some defended Dipika reasoning that it was Neha who backstabbed Dipika.

A user, however, defended Neha saying that she raised genuine concern with Dipika whom she trusts the most and also because she knows that Dipika is not Sreesanth's rival.

Who do you support - Neha or Dipika?