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With each passing week, the controversies and drama inside the Bigg Boss house have been moving onto a different level. And this weekend's episode where Srishty and Romil's talk show wreaked havoc inside the house was no different.

In a fake talk show organised for Farah Khan by Srishty and Romil, Srishty played the role of Dipika Kakkar and ended up saying, "Saiya tan-man mein hai aur bhaiya dhan-dhan mein hai". The comment was made in a zest of fun as a joke on Dipika and Sreesanth's chemistry.

Needless to say, the comment didn't go down well with Dipika who lost her cool on Srishty and Romil and had a huge showdown with the two of them. Disgusted with the comment, Dipika asked Romil and Srishty how could they compare and make fun of the two pious relationships in her life with Shoaib (husband) and Sreesanth (brother).

Many housemates and the show followers on social media called out Dipika's reaction as fake, unwanted and exaggerated. In her defense, Dipika's husband, Shoaib Ibrahim, wrote an open letter to the fans and followers.

In his letter, he appealed to the makers to give a strict warning to those who make personal comments against any contestant. He also requested the fans and show followers to be bit sensitive and understand what truly had upset her. He also asked them how would they feel if someone compared their brother to their husband.

After making the comment, Srishty had come to Dipika to apologise but she shrugged her off saying "not done." Srishty even tried to argue and said that the lines were written by Romil and she had only read them out loud. After the huge showdown, Dipika broke down into tears.