Gauahar Khan during press meet
Gauahar Khan during press meetVarinder Chawla

Not only the inmates living inside the Bigg Boss house but viewers from outside the Bigg Boss are also completely invested in the show. While celebs like Sneha Wagh, Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde and Gauahar Khan never hesitate from sharing their two cents on the show and the incidents, more often than not, they even target Salman Khan for his way of approaching contestants or dissecting a topic.

The same happened recently when Salman Khan called Dipika Kakar a partial sanchalak during the captaincy task. Salman alleged that Dipika had already made up her mind that she had to make Karanvir the captain anyhow and stuck to it forgetting all about fair means and play.

While Dipika accepted Salman's accusations gracefully, the former contestant and winner of the Bigg Boss house, Gauahar Khan, wasn't convinced. The 'Challah wallah' girl took to Twitter to express her views on the entire episode and did it without mincing her words. Gauahar tweeted, "Kudos to Dipika , she decided to support someone , n she stood by no matter what! Sad that bcoz the person in question is KV it's such a big topic! When the others support in jhund it's a strategy??Dipika was not partial !At all!There was water in the bowl!Sad what's happening!"

She further tweeted, "If u watch the episode again,the bowl has cello tape so when it was turned around there was water retained !If I'm the first round she favoured Megha on the same grounds then in the last round it was only fair!They all kept breaking bowls , so in that matter only Kv had his bowl"

While many fans supported Gauahar's stand, many ridiculed her for being partial towards the celebrities inside the house.