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Director Koratala Siva's Telugu movie Bharat Ane Nenu (Bharath/BAN) starring Mahesh Babu and Kiara Advani has received positive reviews and ratings from the audience around the world.

Written by Koratala Siva, Bharat Ane Nenu is a political drama that is high on action and emotional quotient. Producer DVV Danayya has bankrolled the movie under his banner DVV Entertainments. The film has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.53 hours.

Bharat Ane Nenu story: Bharath Ram (Mahesh Babu) has done 5 graduations in Oxford University in London. He returns to India following the death of his father (Sarath Kumar) and he inherits his father's post of Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. How he repairs the rotten political system and focuses on welfare works form the rest of the story.

Analysis: Koratala Siva has picked up an interesting subject that deals with some serious social issues including corruption in politics. The director has blended some amazing twists and turns and commercial ingredient in his brilliant political thriller. The movie is lengthy and drags a bit in parts, but it is engaging and entertaining right from the beginning till end, say the audience.

Performance: Mahesh Babu has played a never-seen-before role – Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and he has done justice to it. He impresses you in action, dialogue delivery and sentimental sequences. Kiara Advani has done justice to her role as his wife and her chemistry with hero is good. Prakash Raj, R Sarath Kumar, Devaraj, Aamani, Sithara and others have also done good jobs, say the viewers.

Technical: Bharat Ane Nenu has brilliant production values. Devi Sri Prasad's music, Ravi K Chandran and Tirru's picturization, Suresh's art direction, action choreography and punch dialogue are the attractions on the technical front.

Bharat Ane Nenu movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to read audiences' response.

Sudarshan Vangala‏ @SudarshanVanga1

Ah! What a beautiful film.... This is one of the finest movies that I have watched... To be honest, @urstrulyMahesh is the only person who can match up to this role. @sivakoratala proved himself that he is one of the best directors.. @ThisIsDSP's music is great. #BharatAneNenu

A‏ @Ajaymohan33

#BharatAneNenu is simple yet powerful. It portrays what #MaheshBabu is capable of once again. His acting at particular sequences literally gives goosebumps He lived in the character of Bharat #BharathAneNenu #BlockBusterBharatAneNenu #BharatRampageAtBoxOffice #CMBharatRam

Deepak‏ @deepuzoomout

Half way through the film, this is in the level of Okkadu & Pokiri... anthaku mincha... Leda annadi 2nd half ayyake #BharatAneNenu Sometimes honesty is sacrificed for commerciality, & conviction will be lost some where in between, But #BharatAneNenu with a clear agenda is an honestly blended commercial potboiler with utmost conviction. Mahesh is fantabulous, koratala just This was the film we all waited for from Superstar since ages. What a charisma, what a screen presence. The nuances he picked up converting/using the unusual Telugu words were super Cᵘᵗᵉ. A sophisticated Mass Masala CM. His journey has just begun. Congrats @sivakoratala sir Koratala Siva ~ Non Rajamouli No.1 #BharatAneNenu A commercial Potboiler. A TFI's game changer. A Mahesh Babu's pathbreaker. Koratala Siva, The new kingmaker "Bharat ane Blockbuster" #BharatAneNenu

Chiranjiv Santhosh M‏ @kingchiru15

#BharatAneNenu - Simple & straight story but @sivakoratala has touched the basic topics like #Agriculture, #Traffic & #Education. Superbly executed, not even a single boring scene. Looks like it has all elements to become a sure shot hit. Definitely it will create the impact. Back then @shankarshanmugh has created a good impact with #OkeOkakkadu now @sivakoratala has created more than that with #BharatAneNenu. Finally after 2015, @urstrulyMahesh has hit the chord with the right subject. People would definitely like it. @Advani_Kiara @prakashraaj

Siddhu Manchikanti✍‏ @TravelwithSid

F*king awesome first half .. Bharat's mindset as Chief minister all over it #BharatAneNenu will stand out as one of the finest in Babu's career Post interval Chopper scene followed by Durga Mahal night scene followed by Vachadayyo Saami song pure goosebumps series .. Fans ki poonakam stuff .. Inka cinema 1 hour undi super hit raseskochu Appude .. #BharatAneNenu Pre climax press meet is a SLIPPER SLAP on the current Telugu media standards .. who are more interested in bed room affairs than people's problems for TRPs .. Chala gattiga ichadu Koratala #BharatAneNenu

Harish Boyapati‏ @harish975

Superb❤️❤️Thought provoking movie. @urstrulyMahesh Sir u enthralled us right from idk song n continues with your comedy timing, durga mahal scene, press conference scene n by the way NOT DONE YETsongs n bgm are good. Congrats team@ThisIsDSP @sivakoratala #bharatanunenu

Thyview @Thyview

Excellent 1st half #BharatAneNenu... Each and every actor, every technicians are at their A Game... dialogue, koratala taking , production values and camerawork by thiru sir & Ravi chandran is too good and DSP gurinchi entha cheppina thakkuve @urstrulyMahesh Complete #Maheshbabu show from the word go. he once again proves the he is the most intense actor we have today. The way he dominated in sum scenes man, just a treat to watch The power in his voice and his subtle expressions will create a long lasting impact #BharatAneNenu #BharathAneNenu @sivakoratala is a master in moulding social content with mass elements, asal 1st half lo okka fight sequence vundadhu but eeyana dialogues Aayana chepthunte.aa impact Vera level. Mainly, assembly , cabinet ministers and press meet sequences dailogues. VERA LEVEL

Rebel Star‏ @Iam__praneeth

Traffic police tho meeting,assembly scene tharvata this is me,cabinet meeting,interval keka kummesadu mahesh babu First half #BharatAneNenu Super first half Extraordinary 2nd half 2nd half screenplay peaks durga mahal fight,vachadayyo sami,press meet,climax non stop goosebumps stuff..... Mahesh babu performance irragga kummesadu BLOCKBUSTER #BharatAneNenu

Vamsishekar‏ @UrsVamsiShekar

Excellent first half. Traffic fines scene, Assembly scene, cabinet scene, Pre-Interval Block .. @urstrulymahesh's performance at peaks #BharatAneNenu. Helicopter scene #BharatAneNenu @urstrulymahesh @sivakoratala @DVVEnts Durgamahal fight episode is major highlight. Elevation of @urstrulymahesh is outstanding #BharatAneNenu As we said @ThisIsDSP's music and background music is incredible. He elevates the film to another level #BharatAneNenu Director @sivakoratala delivers an extraordinary film. #BharatAneNenu is a straight forward movie with an excellent message for all | @urstrulyMahesh @ThisIsDSP @baraju_SuperHit |

Bhanu Teja‏ @bbteja

#BharathAneNenu touches very relevant social and political issues and yet manages to be enaging.Not a fan of Koraratala's previous movies but this one surely is a well crafted movie. Vachhadayyo @urstrulyMahesh Saami. He was literally oozing fire in that press meet scene.

Anand‏ @anandviswajit

#BharatAneNenu - Detailed Current Political issues and political parties with good concept and screenplay, releated #Ramana #Mudhalvan Tamil movie style. Another BB from @sivakoratala with #MaheshBabu combo All staers performance well and @ThisIsDSP good job. Rating : 3.5/5

PuvvalaVirat‏ @PuvvalaVirat

#BharatAneNenu A good film with a social message! Will be definitely loved by A center audience and overseas people!!Mahesh performance is top notch.Kiara has done fab job.BGM Good movie to watch for this weekend! Wished for Racy screenplay & more content!! Go WATCH IT

The Rohan‏ @Rohan4704

#BharatAneNenu Oath taking scene Traffic issue Assembly scenes Durgamahal fight Vacchadyyo swami These are enough to make a Double blockbuster film.... if i want say in just one word its feast for fans and Telugu audience.

Ashwin‏ @AshwinReddy91

#BharathAneNenu first half completed..Truly extraordinary performance by prince @urstrulyMahesh looks like all set for another blockbuster Wonderful to see @urstrulyMahesh again on the big screen ..Prince delivered..No one can dominate Prince on the big screen ..Some scenes are mind boggling..@sivakoratala did really well with his narration #BharatAneNenuUSPremieres Kiara saw the movie..You did a fabulous job..I was kind of surprised to see love track between you and Prince in grand political drama..But you acted really well #BharathAneNenu

Verma‏ @Pradeep_v123

#BharatAneNenu - A no-nonsense first half comes to an end with an intense scene. Excellent writing by Koratala Siva. Deals with all contemporary and burning issues. Mahesh Babu's demeanor as an unright CM is terrific. Kiara has good screen presence despite limited role

Ramesh Bala @rameshlaus

#BharatAneNenu 1st Half: It's @urstrulyMahesh show all the way.. Once he takes oath as CM, there is no looking back.. Assembly scene, Cabinet meeting and interval block stand out.. Subtle Mass.. Fans and general audience will be happy with the proceedings so far.. #BharatAneNenu [3.5/5] : A Good Political Action Entertainer.. @urstrulyMahesh is impressive as the young reformer CM.. He brings the right body language and aces both in Mass and Class scenes.. @Advani_Kiara is good.. Dir @sivakoratala has used what will work with ppl


#BharatAneNenu first half - classy political drama with interesting mass moments for @urstrulyMahesh. Stylish CM SSMB steals the show, loving this one. Sharp dialogues by @sivakoratala

Review Ram‏ @MovieReviewRam

#BharatAneNenu - Interval - @urstrulyMahesh takes over the CM role with his splendid charisma. Scenes are beautifully placed with superb social situations. Script is noble and the product is passionate. Songs are disturbing the flow. 'Good' so far @sivakoratala @DVVEnts

Anand‏ @anandviswajit

#BharatAneNenu - Detailed Current Political issues and political parties with good concept and screenplay, releated #Ramana #Mudhalvan Tamil movie style. Another BB from @sivakoratala with #MaheshBabu combo All staers performance well and @ThisIsDSP good job. Rating : 3.5/5

Jayanth Ane Nenu‏ @jayanth05

#BharathAneNenu ,What a great movie, A big slash to politicians and society. One of the best movie in Tollywood. #BharatAneNenu , it will be a sure shot block bluster. Super natural story by @sivakoratala, career best acting by @urstrulyMahesh

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