A techie from Bengaluru was arrested along with her male friend after she killed her mother, stabbed her brother and fled to the Andaman Islands. 

The police are finding it tough to unravel the details of the case. "Things are not clear yet. Frankly, this is the first time I'm seeing a case of a daughter killing her mother... It is very difficult for even us to digest the facts as they come out," said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Mahadevapura zone) MN Anucheth.

Police officers say they are finding it hard to dig deeper into the case.Johannes Simon/Getty Images

The accused, Amrutha C, 33, was arrested from a hotel in Port Blair with her friend Sridhar Rao on Wednesday, February 5. 

Amrutha on Sunday morning murdered her mother Nirmala (52) and stabbed her younger brother, Harish and fled the house to go to the airport. 

However, Harish survived the attack and called for help. He told the investigators Amrutha's bizarre explanation for stabbing him and Nirmala. She had told the family that she owed lakhs to debtors and didn't want them to hound or their mother. 

The accused were arrested from a hotel in Port Blair.IANS

"We have to wait for the duo to come back before we can question them. The versions we are getting from her brother and others are somewhat confusing," said DCP Anucheth.

Two police teams will return with the duo on Thursday. The investigators are hoping for a clearer picture of crime to emerge after that.