Battle for Karnataka
IBTimes India

The Karnataka polls may be more than a month away, but things have already heated up with parties vying for votes and taking digs at each other. While Congress intends to retain power in the state this May, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is leaving no stone unturned to sweep the state to come to power.

The BJP, as well as, Congress has been taking digs at each other and after calling the Karnataka government the most corrupt government, BJP president Amit Shah has once again taken pot shots at Siddaramaiah.

Shah visited Davanagere Tuesday, March 27, where he spoke to party workers and supporters. At the meet, he said that Siddaramaiah was the only socialist leader who can afford a watch worth Rs 40 lakh. He added that this extravagance proves that he is corrupt and has looted the people of Karnataka.

Just a few weeks back, prime minister Narendra Modi had also spoken about the Karnataka government's corrupt ways and labeled Siddaramaiah as the "10 percent CM." Addressing a rally in Bengaluru in February, Modi had said that the Siddaramaiah government works only after he receives a 10 percent commission.

"Some people said it is a 10 percent government," the Economic Times had quoted Modi as saying.
The Karnataka CM then lashed out at Modi for his comments and called them "irresponsible."

"Calling our government a 10 percent one is an irresponsible remark. He has not spoken like a PM, he has lied and made baseless remarks," Siddaramaiah retorted. "Did he ask (BS) Yeddyurappa what happened during his stint (as CM from 2008-11)? The BJP looted the state. Yeddyurappa went to jail, just like (mining scam chief accused) Janardhan Reddy."