Rashmi Gautam
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Telugu actress Rashmi Gautam landed in a problem after she demanded ban animal sacrifice on Bakrid. The actress is facing the wrath of Muslims, who said that she is targeting their religion.

Rashmi Gautam is an animal activist and often debates about killing and harassment of stray dogs. On July 31, she retweeted a video of sheep being carried away by man. She wrote, "Poor thing is scared as hell. If footage like these dont melt ur heart ❤ I dont know what else will May the forces teach us better Say no to ANIMAL SARIFICE."

On August 1, Rashmi Gautam tweeted a photo with the hashtag, "#godscreation." The picture featured a man cutting the throat of a sheep and a statement that read, "Ban animal sacrifice because their right to exist is more important than your beliefs #BanAnimalSacrifice."

Many Muslims were hurt by her tweet and they said that she intentionally posted it to target their religion. In reply, Rashmi Gautam tweeted, "My posts are against cruelty towards animals and people who follow them and has nothing to with one's religion No religion has ever asked for a helpless or voiceless to go thru this and if actions like this makes u feel more human than humanity is doomed."

Rashmi Gautam
Rashmi GautamTwitter

A fan said that government is not speaking up on the issue because that's how they politics. Responding to him, Rashmi Gautam said that instead of blaming, every individual should become an example for it. The actress tweeted, "Something like this cud be happening anywhere in the world but y is it that we always end up comparing Y can't we set better example as individuals."

Another fan asked her to go back to 5th standard to study Food chain & Food web. In reply to him, Rashmi Gautam pointed out the difference and wrote, "Huge difference between Killing for survival and killing for pleasure/taste buds. We have evolved and we have plenty of options now."

Here is how Muslims reacted to Rashmi Gautam's tweet:

Akbar Basha @rabka402

Why post this only on Bakrid? What about the bali given in temples? #Hypocrites

Arshad @Arshad06711682

U hate Muslims thats y u posted the tweet on this particular festival day

Mohamad amin @armandobond88

You should tweet it to mcd, Kfc Popeyes and fast food or else leather products we Muslim slaughter the animal to share the meat with poors not posing with a leather handbags or we sell it

Kassim khan @mkassim24

You don't have right to say about Muslim Eid celebration  be carful some you will get trouble ....

Muralidhar @ItsMuralidharG

It s not correct Rashmi ... the same question why don't you ask Hotels and the restaurant's.. they kill one billion animals per year. By the way I am a Hindu

Amarashila @Amarashila1

It is a brahminical RSS propaganda dude and she is getting paid for these tweets . Happy Eid Enjoy BAKRA BIRYANI  these loosers will keep ranting

Rahamathulla N @rahamathchotu

Thanks for making me unfollow you Need to spread love not hatred

Azaruddin @azarudddin

Now you just stop posting these things

Nayan Ali @NayanAl33611253

There is no profit in screaming for life.  That is the law of Allah.

Bunny Ud@y @BttuUdy1

Ur eating rice they are also offsprings of rice palnt (living organism) then stop eating rice and also green leafy vegetables

Pravalika.k @PravalikaK5

Rashmi ji I have a question for u.. Are u vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Mohammed noor pasha @pashaballu

Then why the fuck ur eating kfc chicken all these