Telugu celebs like TV anchor Rashmi Gautam, singer Smita, director Harish Shankar condemned the incident, in which a deputy manager of a hotel under the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department in Nellore, assaulted a woman colleague after she reminded him of wearing a face mask.

Several journalists took to Twitter to share the incident of the tourism officer beating up the woman employee. One of them wrote, "Unacceptable! Woman employee was attacked inside the office by a senior officer for reminding him about his missing #FaceMask. The shocking incident was recorded on CCTV camera, shows man thrashing the differently-abled woman contract worker in Nellore Govt office #AndhraPradesh."

Andhra Tourism officer assaults woman colleague
Andhra Tourism officer assaults woman colleagueTwitter

AP Police arrests accused

AP Police were quick to act and arrest the Tourism Deputy Manager immediately. The police tweeted, "DG AP appreciated SP Bhaskar Bhushan and Nellore Police for quick and firm action in the shocking case where Tourism Deputy Manager beat up a woman contract worker. He has asked SP to ensure that Disha police station takes up investigation & lay charge sheet in 1 week."

Some Telugu celebs were shocked to see the video and took to Twitter condemn the incident. Rashmi Gautam tweeted, "And all he gets is a suspension thats about it What times are we living in Our species has to end Humanity is dead I hope he is found soon and is severely punished No matter what the reason was his violent actions were uncalled for."

Woman asks colleague to wear mask, gets beaten up with iron rod

Harish Shankar tweeted, "I think something is seriously wrong with mental health of many....this is completely unacceptable!!! @APPOLICE100." Later, the director added, "Just sent the video and talked to our friend in Nellore that person has already taken in to Police Custody and sent to Chemadagunta Prison for remand... even suspended from services too!!"

After watching the assault video, Smita took to her Twitter page to express her shock over the incident. The singer tweeted, "What a ba..... What do we do with such.......?? Have people lost all sensitivities." Responding to Harish Shankar, she wrote, "True. People really are losing it. Thanks for calling to give information @harish2you."