TV presenter Rashmi Gautam has spoken about Chiranjeevi postponing the shooting of Acharya due to Coronavirus and said that staying home is not an option for the people in the entertainment industry.

The fear of deadly novel Coronavirus outbreak is fast gripping the Telugu film industry with some filmmakers postponing their movie releases, shooting and events. Megastar Chiranjeevi halted the shooting of Acharya on Saturday and announced a 15-day holiday for its team as a preventive measure to curb the spread of the disease. He also urged his fellow citizens to be responsible.

Rashmi Gautam
Rashmi GautamTwitter

'We shall keep working'

A day later, Rashmi Gautam took to her Twitter account to talk about postponing shoots and said that it is not an option for film personalities. The actress tweeted, "Staying home is not an option for the entertainment industry folks. As planned schedules can't be changed. With necessary precautions, we shall keep working."

The entertainment industry is not a colourful world for everyone connected to it. There are so many people, who work on a daily-wage basis. Cancelling shootings will affect those people, who are not protected by paid leaves. In reply to Rashmi Gautam, a follower with @MSmrpt wrote, "Yes, people like Megastar can postpone the shooting but being a busy actress you can't postpone any of your scheduled shootings."

Chiranjeevi at O Pitta Katha pre-release event
Chiranjeevi at O Pitta Katha pre-release eventTwitter

Rashmi Gautam responded to the person and said that the actors can not take a break from shoots, as they will be under contract. She tweeted, "Yes I can't. Unless the state government does not call it an emergency. We actors can't. Most of the actors are under contract if the production house wants the actors to shoot we have to shoot."

However, Rashmi Gautam gave awareness about how to be safe from Corona. The actress tweeted, "The right thing to say would have been Pls maintain hygiene U can use basic bleaching power to disinfect ur surroundings If u feel feverish or see the symptoms pop paracetamol for basic relief like body ache and imdly quarantine urself AND CALL THE HELPLINE."