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TV anchor Rashmi Gautam has come down heavily upon the people, who are taking or promoting‏ on Bottle Top/Cap Challenge on social media. The actress described them as the bloody jobless people.

Now, hashtags like #bottletopchallenge and #BottleCapChallenge have been trending on social media for the past few days. Who started the challenge? If we are to go by the report, it all began with taekwondo instructor and fighter Farabi Davletchin's post on June 25. But it went viral after mixed martial-artist Max Holloway tried it out. Followed this, many other celebrities did later. That's how they began trending.

What is the Bottle Top/Cap Challenge? This is about untwisting the cap of a bottle placed on a table. The cap should just fly off the bottle, which should remain stationary at that particular moment. Though it looks quite a task, there seems to be no social agenda behind and it is just a fun task, which has caught the attention of fitness freaks.

Rashmi Gautam‏ is active on social media and often voices her views on current affairs. She was disturbed to see the trending of this challenge, which she feels is a useless task. She took to Twitter to bash the people and wrote, "#bottletopchallenge #BottleCapChallenge Seriously How bloody jobless are people If only they put all that energy into something constructive Guys get a real life."

In reply, one of her followers named Arun‏ (@arunmadhavuni) tweeted, "The best part is now people will mock at Rash in the process of defending it ." Responding to him, Rashmi Gautam tweeted, "Absolutely And my answer KEEP YAPPING I have all the right to have an opinion just like the rest do Take it or leave it I'm not getting effected by the #MOBMENTALITY / #HERDMENTALITY."

Akshay Kumar, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Arjun Sarja, Kannada actor Ganesh and Jason Statham have also taken the challenge. Before their fans started attacking her, Rashmi Gautam wrote, "And people who are taking big names with regard to the challenge kindly go thru the contribution they have made all the good work they have done which most of the followers don't even bother picking a cue from."