Baba Bhaskar warning Rahul Sipligunj and funny memes on the two
Baba Bhaskar warning Rahul Sipligunj and funny memes on the twoCollage of photos taken from Twitter

The new promo of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 shows Baba Bhaskar openly announcing to target Rahul Sipligunj. The footage has created a lot of curiosity among the viewers, who are eager to see his swag.

Star Maa released a promo offering glimpse at the development in tonight's episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. The TV channel also wrote, "Kunda baddalakottinattu nijam bayatapadindi #BiggBossTelugu3 Today at 9:30 PM on @StarMaa."

As the promo offers a glimpse at the new task in the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house. A booth with a TV set is placed in the garden area. Bigg Boss will screens some scenes to each of the contestants and various housemates are bitching about other inmates in these scenes. After watching them, they have to break the pot with the photo of one of those housemates.

As this promo begins, Ali Reza is watching the scene in which Sreemukhi is talking about him. He asks her about it and she smilingly admits it. Then he breaks her pot. Baba Bhaskar watches a scene in which Rahul is saying, "He (Baba) says God is there. Is there god only for him? He is there for us too."

Baba Bhaskar in Bigg Boss Telugu 3
Baba Bhaskar in Bigg Boss Telugu 3Screenshots of Star Maa video

Later, Baba Bhaskar is seen talking to Rahul and warning him on the face, "Amma thodu chepthunna! Nuvve na target ra!" (Mother promise! You are my target). In the next scenes, Rahul and Sreemukhi are seen breaking the pots with the face of Mahesh Vitta.

This promo of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 grabbed many balls with hundreds of viewers retweeting the Star Maa's post and replying to it. What has struck a chord with most of them is Baba Bhaskar's warning to Rahul Sipligunj. Many audiences are curious to see the encounter between these two in tonight's episode.

Here is how the audience reacted on Baba Bhaskar's warning to Rahul Sipligunj:

사 티아 @satyagamer

Maa #Rahulion ni baba target chestha antunnadenti  Ante    la count peragabothundha    Target ante Mathram   Ready avuthayi #Rahulion meeda #Sympathy kuripinchadaniki  #SympathyReloaded #BiggBossTelugu3

Virat Akhil Hari @ViratAkhilHari1

All the best baba Next week nuvvu nominate ayithe ma #Varun and #Rahul Annala power chupistam #voteforVarun #voteforRahul

CricFan @Cena87

Baba game starts on gamer    BB should have done this long back!

Dr. Goodhead  ⚕ @Awaamspeaks1

Come on master!     Ninna promo: Target cheyalanukunte cheppi chestha. Now: Amma thodu chepthunna! Nuvve na target ra!

Pinky loves vikku @PinkySams

Baba garu meeru thopu yehe go ahead we r there with you. Idhi asalaina winner lakshanalu ante. Face to face matladali back side biching cheyadam kadhu. #BiggBossTelugu3

Mαɳι Rαȥƈαʅ @Mani_Twitzz

#BabaBhaskar randi master   Recha confirm   

D Hari Krishna @HariKrishna_19

Baba is on  Rahula..niku task Lu adadame ravu inka Baba target chesthe kindha midha padthavemo   What an official warning it is!! #BiggBossTelugu3

S!VA @SVA66509988

#BiggBoss Good Set Up... Eroju Episode Racha Racha La Undhi ❤️ Waiting #BabaBhaskar Swag ❤️ #BiggBossTelugu3

karthik @Karthik_reddy00

#BabaBhaskar   #BiggBossTelugu3 from now see the rage

Sai sivaram Pralayakaveri @PSR_DHFM

Only BABA fans baba Baskar war declared Baba fixed

Lalitha @Lalitha12618607

Common master...     Mask, Mask ani anna valla mask lu anni voodipoyela dailogue chepparuu...       ... wish Rahul comes with game plans rather blaming and crying.. Now we can see Version 2 of sympathy star reloaded...    #BiggBossTelugu3