Avian Influenza virus outbreak in Delhi
Delay in executing the action plan by the Delhi government takes place due to the failure of Central government labs in submitting the reports of bird samples on time.Reuters

The Delhi government on Tuesday blamed the Narendra Modi government for leading to delay in executing an action plan for Avian Influenza. The authorities revealed that they have only received three results of over 50,000 samples sent to Central government labs in Punjab and Madhya Pradesh.

The first instances of the bird flu were observed on October 14 in Delhi's National Zoological Park, when water birds were found to be infected. So far, the death toll of birds has reached 64.

Currently, senior officials of Delhi government are infuriated with the delay in decision making due to the lack of information.

"The action plan can only be formed once we have a clear picture whether or not all the deaths have been caused due to Avian Influenza," a senior official of Delhi government was quoted as saying by DNA.

"Furthermore, our department officials have also hinted that some of the dead birds also showed symptoms of the Ranikhet disease. If that is the case, other precautions may have to be taken," he added.

The lab reports usually take 48 to 72 hours to be out. "We have sent more than 50,000 samples from the various birding sites in Delhi, however we have only received the report of three samples," another official added.

It has forced the Delhi government to follow the guidelines set by the Central government to control Avian Influenza. Delhi Rural Development Minister Gopal Rai also said that the government was taking efforts to curb the bird flu issue by working with the Central government.

"We have sought an appointment from Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh for Tuesday to apprise him of the situation, and also ask that the lab reports be expedited so that appropriate action can be taken in the matter," Rai said.

Despite the delay made in carrying out the action plan, the Delhi government has issued a list of precautions to prevent people from getting infected from the contagious virus.

The advisory given by the government stated the following:

  • The government warned people to avoid consumption of uncooked or half cooked meat and eggs.
  • Eat poultry products cooked at a minimum of 100 degrees Celsius.
  • Keep raw and cooked meat separately in order to prevent any infection or food poisoning from spreading.
  • Stay away from sick looking poultry species.
  • Prevent contact with bird excreta.
  • Maintaining proper cleanliness in slaughter houses by using detergents.
  • Staying away from dead birds and informing the control room immediately at: 011-2389-0318 on spotting any.
  • Contact the control room at: 011-2389-0318 if you notice any disinfected water bodies around your area.
  • Maintaining hygiene of the surrounding and oneself by washing hands on touching raw poultry items.
  • Put a mask on whenever dealing with raw poultry and products related to it.